Thursday, November 11, 2010

thursday thirteen + blog love

As you probably know, I've been reading healthy living blogs for awhile. A few months ago, I came across a blog called (never home)maker. It's become one of my favorite things to read since then, too! Ashley and Stephen have all kinds of running and fitness tips, and Ashley has actually been so kind to give me advice via Twitter. Since this has been my very first experience with long distance running, I've appreciated her encouragement so much and can tell she's just an innately kind person.

Another way she's inspired me is through her cooking approach. If you visit her blog, you'll see that she and her husband come up with lots of creative, from-scratch healthy recipes. That's something I'd really like to do more of. If she can be a long distance runner, work full-time, have a life, and create such delicious-looking food, I believe I can do it, too with a little planning and effort! I've even added it to my 25 for 25 list. (I am formulating a 25 for 25 update post, by the way!)

Here are thirteen things (to start off with) that we normally buy from the store, but can be made just as deliciously from the comfort of my kitchen -- and maybe taste even better because of it. Hoping to get a huge food processor for Christmas this year (and birthday and anniversary), but until then, I will make do with my tiny one!
  1. Hummus
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Marinara sauce
  4. Pesto (from my new windowsill basil plants!)
  5. Whole wheat bread
  6. Granola/cereal
  7. Granola bars
  8. English muffins/bagels
  9. Ricotta cheese and Greek yogurt (lots of bravery required for this one!)
  10. Crackers
  11. Desserts (new policy: only eat from-scratch desserts? can I do it?)
  12. Jam
  13. Salsa
To health! (And a whole lot less preservatives!)


  1. Thanks for this blog post and I'm going to keep checking back.
    I saw your blog through your interactions with Ashley on Twitter.
    Please post recipes for all these 'can make at home' foods.
    I'm already inspired to add a basil in a pot to my apartment.

    All the best.

    Linda from South Africa.

  2. funny you mentioned your "25" update... i was going to ask you how the dress-wearing is going! ;)

  3. I'm askign for a food processor this Christmas too!

    Hummus = major food crush, mmmm!

  4. @Katie M. Yummmmmm! I sure hope we get one! Trying to convince yef that it will save us money!


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