Sunday, February 15, 2009

hubby is almost home!

the husband has been gone since weds! he's on his way from the airport now. I'm so excited!

the house is clean
the lighting is dimmed
candles are lit
John Mayer is playing
I am dressed in my best

I am SO ready to see my JT!

PS: remind me to post the video of him in the Today Show crowd. Very entertaining!

EDIT:: RIGHT when I was clicking "Publish Post," two things happened. 1) I heard the door unlock so I clicked it and closed my computer. 2) The fire alarm went off because I lit too many candles. SUCH a romantic first impression. Now it won't stop beeping intermittently. Good thing I don't embarrass easily and it didn't seem to deter JT!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

why I love my hubs:

1. The passion he puts into all of his pursuits and that his pursuits are so dimensional and varied -- from urban design to soccer to music to technology
2. For making sure our cars and house are locked before we go to bed
3. For letting me wear his jacket even when he told me I'd need my own but I didn't bring it anyway
4. The wonderful feeling of waking up next to him
5. For placing our order at restaurants under fantastic pseudonyms like "Chewbacca," "Johnny Carino," and "Mr. & Mrs. Claus"
6. The way he cannot hide his excitement over things like a rich chocolate cake balls, a sweet kick from David Beckham’s cleat, the chance to be outdoors, or a cute picture he knows I will love
7. His hott body he keeps in shape
8. Because I know he’ll make a great daddy some day
9. For watching movies with me, even if they are so ridiculously cheesy that we fall asleep
10. The fact that he embodies the “Wild at Heart” man
11. His smile lines and dimples on a face I think I know but is always coming up with new expressions and smiles
12. For being a great leader in our relationship
13. The look he gives me when he knows I’m desperately trying not to laugh that always sends me over the edge
14. His verbal encouragement for my singing, cooking, my intellect, and my possibility
15. His nonverbal affirmation like putting his hand on the small of my back when we’re walking in a crowd or squeezing my hand or making sure my hair isn’t sticking up
16. For tolerating my interpretive dance, operatic serenades, and other weird quirks and somehow finding them endearing
17. For laughing with me everyday
18. That he can be such a strong person and so tender and honest
19. His loud singing voice, especially in the shower
20. His pure desire to be a man of God
21. For not going to see Wicked on broadway without me while he is in New York this week

Monday, February 9, 2009


since we've last spoken, I have discovered two favorites:

I am a creature of habit. It's ridiculous, really. Once I find out I like something, I stick with it. Tonight, I made a portabello parmesan dish, courtesy of Natalie Mikles, the Tulsa World's personal foodie. I needed a good base pasta sauce, so I decided to take advantage of my husband's resourcefulness. Back up to a few weeks ago... JT went to Target by himself and came home with an armful of interesting things he'd found that he thought I would like such as cranberry vanilla peanut butter. He also brought home four large jars of Classico pasta sauce because he wanted to try them all. I layered pasta sauce with two broiled portabello mushroom caps, mozzarella and parm cheese, and more sauce. So good! The eyeliner is just a welcome relief because I have never bought the same eyeliner twice and I have been wearing it since the 11th grade.

On the topic of favorites, I finally got to participate in Pie Night with the expert herself. We used her mom's secret pie crust recipe from scratch and threw in some blackberries. She successfully wove together a lattice crust and the finished product looked a little something like delicious! We just finished it tonight for dessert!

I contributed quick-cooking tapioca (thickening agent) and blackberries to the pie. But first, I had to visit Whole Foods. Wow. I went on my lunch break and was pretty much entranced throughout the whole experience. When I got to the produce section, I was speechless. I'd never seen such gorgeous, sexy fruit and vegetables. (Yes, produce can be sexy!) They were perfect in size and color. It was almost enough to tempt me into paying the extra $2! But I will stick with Reasor's for now. That is, until I become independently wealthy as I was discussing with my good friend tonight.

On the subject of healthy foods, I have to share my idea for Lent. I am not catholic and have never been raised to observe Lent. However, my freshman year of college, some friends (also non-catholics) brought up the topic of what they were going to give up for Lent. I've been interested in trying it, but for some reason or another have never done it. But this year, I am thinking of giving up refined sugar and white flour. I think it's totally manageable, especially since I have an allergy cookbook that one of our clients wrote that skirts around those two ingredient by substituting sucanat, molasses, honey, tapioca flour, and other ingredients I've seen on the shelves at Reasors, or wouldn't be too difficult to make with a Whole Foods investment. Just something I am thinking about.

I have 15 days to think about it!
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