25 for 25

Henceforth, my "quarterlife crisis" shall be known as  
"The Quarter Life Awakening." 
And here is my working list for "25 for 25"
things I want to accomplish this year.

1) Wear more dresses
2) Try being vegan for a month
3) Go gluten-free for a month
4) Run a half marathon (scheduled for 11/21/10)
5) Get professional pictures done with JT
6) Write something. Everyday.
7) Take time to listen to God and be intuitive about what He's saying to me
8) Take the GRE
9) Learn how to play the piano
10) Finish at least the first draft of my novel
11) See a Texas Rangers game at the Ballpark
12) Cook at home more and blog more recipes!
13) Plant an herb garden
14) Decorate my house (walls still blank; entire rooms still unfurnished)
15) Plan my meals every single week!
16) Find the perfect pair of boots and rock them this fall and winter and spring
17) Host a shrimp boil
18) Become a coupon clipper
19) Send thank you notes
20) Stay on top of messages (emails, letters, etc.) better
21) Go social media free for extended periods
22) Show and live love more creatively (esp to JT!)
23) Be more sensitive and responsive to others' needs
24) Make more of our typical groceries from scratch
25) To be written
not started
in progress
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