Monday, November 15, 2010

yellow puppy chronicles

It's Sampson again. I've hijacked my human's blog while she is busy watching Harry Potter and cooking a lot. When I last wrote, I was still a puppy, but now I'm a big boy. Probably over 70 pounds now and almost eight months old.

I have quite the appetite for playing. All day long, all I want to do is play. And I didn't get to play outside for a very long time. I guess my humans didn't like it when I busted down their fence so I could play in the front yard until they got home. I don't know what I did? I just know I like playing.

Today I went outside and felt something really weird. The air was less like a hug and more like a bite. It made my whole body shake. But I felt better because, even though I was alone while my humans were at work, the trees played with me by throwing leaves all day. Sometimes they fell so fast that I couldn't move fast enough to catch them.

Then, sharp wet things started falling from the sky. I wanted my warm kennel and blankies so bad. Even though I don't normally bark or make a lot of noise, I howled when I heard my girl human come home. I ran to all the doors to see where she was. And let me tell you, her work pants have never felt so soft, warm, and good.

My favorite new pet is my raccoon. He's a lot bigger than my foxy and used to have five squeaky things inside of him, but I conquered all of them. Raccoon may not squeak anymore, but I still like to snuggle with him and play tug of war with him. Just thinking about it is making me sleepy.

::edit:: As payback to Sampson for hijacking my blog, I'm going to reveal something rather embarrassing for him. On Halloween, we didn't dress him up, per se, but we tied my Pioneer Woman bonnet on him, and...well, you just watch this clip if you want to find out what he thought about it.


  1. Sampson is a great writer :) and cute too!

  2. Cute Mr. Sampson! I'm sorry your girl human likes to torture you with bonnets and leave you out in the elements. You're growing up so fast!

  3. I'm running a half marathon Sunday. Please think/PRAY for me on Sunday. :)


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