Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a day in the life of LB

I was thinking tonight about how perspectives change, schedules change, bodies change. Three years ago, I was in college and practically nocturnal. I slept from 4am-8am and 12pm-4pm because I could not sacrifice fun with friends or my obsessive study habits. Now, I can barely peel myself out of bed if I'm not asleep by eleven.

So here's what it's like to be me. Someday I will look back at this and laugh at how much I took for granted.

6:26 a.m. - Wake up! I've learned that If I wake up right when my alarm goes off, I am much more productive the entire day. If I'm really busy at work, I will get ready for work right now, but usually I enjoy a leisurely morning checking blogs while my oatmeal cooks, putting on makeup while my pants steam in the dryer, or if I'm really lucky, snuggling with my husband.

7:45 a.m. - I usually leave for work between 7:45 and 8:00. It takes me about 20-40 minutes to get to work, depending on what time I leave.

8:30 a.m. - My workday officially starts, though I've probably been working for almost an hour. I don't have an official job title because nothing quite encompasses what I do. But it's somewhere between officer manager/book publicist/director of publicity. My job responsibilities are great!

Any given day I'm in charge of writing 25-30 press releases a week (hopefully divided with a co-worker!), managing in-house needs and answering employee questions, dividing/managing/monitoring the workload, and communicating with our clients. I'm also the media-liaison, meaning I'm the contact person on all press releases we send. So if a reporter wants to get in touch with an author, I will relay contact information, answer questions, or work to schedule a time that works for both parties.

All kinds of situations arise where damage control is needed. Our client will call with a disgruntled author and I recommend how to rectify the situation and who in my office should accomplish the task. If there's a problem in my office, I let our clients know. If our client needs us to do something differently, I let that person know and provide examples as to how they can change. I compile weekly reports to send to our clients, which usually takes the better portion of my Monday. Also, I place job ads and interview potential employees, but don't fire people.

A day at work is never the same for me -- and I like it that way. I'm usually super busy, get tons of work done, and the day goes by super fast all the time. I have a great boss, love the people in my office, and work great with our clients. Even though I've been promoted to pretty much the highest position in our office until my 35-year-old boss decides to retire, I constantly feel like I'm challenged and growing and thinking of new ways we can do things better. I am blessed. Who would have thought that an English major would end up in a job like this?

5:00 p.m. - Hopefully I'm leaving work at this point. About three days a week, I go to my parents' house to swim or work out, or I go for a run at our house (I'm still sidelined at this point, though -- four weeks and counting. Boo hoo.). If I don't work out, I go to the store or come home and clean. Or I totally veg. Also, about once a week, I will bypass the rest of my schedule and go out for a girls' night. I like those, too!

7:00 p.m. - I make it home. Two or three nights a week, I will cook dinner. Then we eat at 8:30. If I have nothing planned, we eat cereal, JT makes eggs, or we pull out the leftovers. We NEVER eat Ramen. No way :)

8:00-10:00 p.m. - JT time. We watch TV together or go for a walk. Sometimes he will take me out for coffee or ice cream.

10:00 p.m. - I usually start getting ready for bed at this point. I will read blogs or books until I'm sleepy.

12:00 a.m. - JT takes off my glasses, picks up my book, covers me up, and kisses me goodnight. I've been asleep somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. Sometimes I wake up for this, but other times I wake up with a smile on my face when I find my book safe on the floor and my glasses folded neatly on the bedside table.

I love my life, especially everything JT adds to my day. Sometimes it depresses me that I can map out my days so easily, but plenty happens to mix things up and I've gotten to where the little things in life genuinely make me happy. I treasure these moments in their own little way, because I know that someday kiddos will be added to this equations, and realistically, I will be a working mom. Which is okay. I can fit them in somewhere, I suppose :)

That's what it's like to be me in 2009!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday: BRUTAL honesty

Welcome to the blog circus courtesy of MckMama's creative genius. Here we write all about what we HAVEN'T been doing this week because it, in a way, makes us feel like we're not alone in our idiosyncrasies.

I did NOT whittle my inbox from 989 emails to 17. No, I would NEVER allow my inbox to become that overgrown so it took an entire morning to clear it! NOT me!

I did NOT request a personal half day just so I can go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at midnight on July 15th. Who would be so irresponsible?

And what's more, I am most certainly NOT currently on week two of three short work weeks in a row. On the subject of vacation, my life is so cool that I would NEVER spend a vacation day to have a colonoscopy a week from today. NOT me! I will NOT be writing my Not Me! Monday post in an anesthesia-induced reverie next week.

I was NOT so insensitive that the words, "I would have been sadder if it was Elton John," came from my lips before I had the chance to word-vomit censor my conversation about MJ with co-workers. I did NOT have to fumble some semblance of a recovery to salvage what heart I had left. "I, um, only went through one MJ phase, but I've been through nineteen Elton John phases. Yeah!"

Who would put me in charge of watching the volunteers' kids while they worked VBS? I would NEVER choose the safe air-conditioned job over the 110-degree heat. I would take one for the team instead of eating Goldfish and laughing so hard with a totally awesome 14-month-old girl, 2-year-old boy, and 3-year-old boy.

My French toast attempts always turn out well. I did NOT have to heed my cousin's advice and tell my husband I had turned his favorite breakfast into fried bread pudding! I DON'T fail. I am a domestic diva and culinary creative genius. My kitchen is my haven where I do NOT fail!

Last but not least, in the spirit of MckMama, I did NOT almost use the MSC acronym in a press release I wrote about a woman with 3 kids under 2! (Adopted, then had twins!)

What HAVEN'T you been up to lately?

Friday, June 26, 2009

animal house

It's been an interesting week to say the least. Ed, Farrah, Michael. My heart goes out to their families, friends, and fans -- their beloved F trifecta, you could call it. Any cheesy "Thriller" dance renditions just won't be the same.

Even the animals seemed to know something was different yesterday. While my family was crowded around the TV to watch people crowding around Los Angeles hospital, I was watching another phenom: a fight between a wasp and a spider. As I'm not particularly fond of either, I wanted them to take each other out. The wasp got stuck in the fat brown spider's web, and they grappled for several minutes -- I'd say I watched them for ten minutes -- and the wasp appeared hopelessly stuck, even though every few seconds, he'd get a burst of energy and resume movement even though the spider's fangs were firmly implanted into his thorax.

taken with cell phone = horrible quality

The pinnacle of the adventure occurred when the spider and wasp's weight broke through the web, and the wasp's wings began to flutter. Before they landed on the ground, the wasp took flight -- the spider still firmly attached to him.

JT has been building a fence for months, and now, he has cemented post holes dug all over the perimeter of our yard. They're pretty deep, too. Anyway, yesterday as he was about to come in the house, he noticed a baby skunk was stuck in one of the holes. His eyes got large and he bolted for the house.

not taken from my cell phone

The cop that came out to free the skunk got sprayed. I smiled when I heard that bit. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

update, kansas city, and july

Hi Friends. I feel like it's been ages since I've written. Sorry I've neglected you!

Since we last spoke, I:
  • have not kept my house very clean.
  • have not been able to run for three weeks due to a nagging soft tissue injury near the back of my knee.
  • have taken up swimming instead.
  • still haven't decided on a new pair of glasses; JT received his a week ago and looks great!
  • haven't even cooked very much (though last week was "Clean out the Pantry" week, in my defense).
  • went through a transition at work, which resulted in both good and bad things.
  • started a new Gary Thomas book, Sacred Pathways. We read Sacred Marriage before we got married and loved it!
  • visited my roomie in Kansas City and spent 18 hours in the airport. I could have almost driven there, back, there, back, and there again in that amount of time.
Since JT works for a major airline, we fly standby. We get great discounts, but if a flight is full of paying passengers or people with higher standby classification, we do not make the flight. I had a business trip on Friday and had every intention of getting to Kansas City that night, but flights were full.

So at 4:04 am the next day, I got up for a 6:00 flight. It was full, so I waited for the 7:45 flight. It was full as well. My name was called, but the only thing available was a first class seat, and since I was wearing jeans, I couldn't go. I don't think I've ever been more frustrated in my life, because I KNEW THIS. But for some reason, I thought the rule was no shorts or capris, but jeans are okay. Next time, check your facts, LB!

The 8:20 flight had been filled while I was waiting for this last flight, so my next choice was the 10:15 flight. I literally flew out of security, back on the shuttle bus, and into my car to find the nearest clothing store -- a Sears about 8 miles away. I bought the ugliest pair of tan linen, wide-legged pants WITHOUT butt pockets. Double ugh. I changed in the dressing room and flew back to the airport so this wouldn't happen. I ended up making it on that flight to Dallas -- and didn't even need the pants.

I arrived in Dallas at around 11:30 and switched terminals. I was the last one called for the 12:20 flight, and I was in one of the back rows. After hitting nearly everyone I passed with my huge suitcase and juggling it into the overhead compartment, literally the second I clicked my seatbelt into place, I hear, "LB, please come to the front of the plane with all of your personal belongings." That last paid passenger had arrived after all and I was doomed to wait another hour and a half.

But the 12 hours in the airport was so worth it when I saw my roommate around 4:30. She looks beautiful. She took me to the Plaza, which is this incredible outdoor shopping place. We went to this seafood pub and had crab spinach artichoke dip and wine. Then we headed to a jazz lounge in their historic jazz district, where they were having Motown night. It was quite the experience! We felt so cultured! When we finished there, I had my first taste of Melting Pot - their Smore chocolate fondue. It was fondue happy hour, so our entire tab was something like $6 each!

The next day, she introduced me to the TV show 30 Rock, which I now love, and we went to a Kansas City Royals game with her husband and vegged the rest of the evening. We made homemade ice cream and ordered in. Then it was time for me to go home the next afternoon, BUT not before we visited another outdoor shopping place, went to the Le Creuset store (HEAVEN!), and I also found a fantastic BCBG dress for $35, over $100 off! She also took me to a half-price bookstore, where I sold the two books I'd brought -- and already read -- so I could have room for the three new ones I bought!

I made it on all of my flights on the way home, but they were both a bit delayed. If this tells you anything, I read three full books in airports on this trip. But it was totally worth it! I love my roommate!

Why July will be a great month:
  • Candace is coming to stay with us over July 4th weekend
  • Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince debuts July 15th! I will be seeing it at midnight!
  • Working on getting a gym membership and continuing to swim so I can shed my "winter coat"
  • It's my two year anniversary at work!
  • JT is going on a huge hiking trip for a week in Colorado. I will miss him!
  • We have tickets to Wicked!
I hereby promise I will do better at keeping up with this thing!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

You know the drill! Welcome to the blog circus courtesy of MckMama's creative genius. Jog on down to her blog to read all about what she and her friends have NOT been doing this week!

In this week's edition of Not Me! Monday, we'll learn all about LB's week and HIGH maturity levels!

I did NOT have to pay over $100 to get my air conditioner fixed, and even if I did, it would be something that totally was NOT my fault at all. Since my car is always neat and clean, I would NEVER get a piece of trash sucked into my fan. That only happens to messy people!

And I have certainly worked out a lot this week. I am NOT on the mend because of 2 pulled muscles I don't even know how I pulled. I most certainly did NOT go for a run even though I was sore and make it worse. And my friend April, who is in physical therapy school, did NOT use me as her "practice patient" and whip out some amazing machinery to help me get better.

When JT was so kind to take me out for a weeknight date, I did NOT leave my keys in the ignition with my car unlocked when we met in a parking lot to go to dinner. Who would be so irresponsible? NOT me! I don't even have children yet!

On my sweet husband's birthday this week, I did NOT wake up super early to make him his favorite meal French Toast, only to discover I was out of bread and milk. I certainly keep my refrigerator and pantry well-stocked and plan ahead to commemorate such a special day.

In honor of said birthday, I did NOT check out at Barnes & Noble with both a Christian novel and a book only appropriate within the confines of Christian marriage. And I most certainly DIDN'T awkward-giggle uncontrollably when the conservative, makeupless teen girl rang me up. I am MUCH more mature than that.

Speaking of makeup: you know Ulta? The store devoted to beauty and cosmetics? I did NOT go there in sweats with a scrubbed face after working around the house all day. I certainly would NEVER go out in public without makeup, much less to a store devoted to beauty. And even if I did, I'm pretty sure I would have felt SOME reservation, right? Right??

My best moment of the week? I was commissioned to call the downstairs maintenance because the men's room toilet has been clogged and overflowing onto the floor for two days. I did NOT laugh uncontrollably for no reason when I barely choked out the word "toilet." I have MUCH more dignity than that!

On our date night this week, JT and I went glasses hunting. He found a pair, but I was too busy NOT being indecisive to find my own. Instead, I've shamelessly posted a pic of a prospective pair below. You DON'T need to let me know what you think.

One last thing:

I can NOT be married to this totally babelicious man! Be still my heart!

How was your week? What defining moments did you NOT have?

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay, friends. I need some advice! I am up for a new pair of glasses, but am having trouble parting with my old ones. So let's take a vote: do you like the old ones or the new ones better?

Old ones

New ones (maybe)

Let me know what you think. You are the best!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's about that time again! Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

During the week, I did not spend $200 on clothes. I would NEVER be so wasteful with our money, even if I rarely shop. I did NOT buy skirts, cute tops, pants for work, and the famed yellow ballet flats I’ve wanted for a few months. NOT me!

I did NOT see a movie in the theater twice for full price in the same week. NOPE! Not even if it was as cute as Up!

And this weekend when JT was gone, of course I took advantage of the time to catch up on cleaning and straightening our house. So of course I did NOT go see BFF in Arkansas, eat Chic-fil-A and see a movie, and then crash at her townhouse watching Gilmore Girls and eating Ben & Jerry’s in bed! But just say I did, at least we would have shared the pint! And when I got home, certainly I would have cleaned instead of watching Food Network all afternoon. You’d think so, right? More than, say, putting up the laundry and cleaning out the refrigerator.

When I went to Barnes & Noble by myself, I did NOT find myself missing JT more than anything, wondering who was going to point out their favorite book covers and make fun of cheesy titles and book summaries. NOT me!

Today at Kinko’s, someone did NOT tell me I look like Super Nanny. Where would anyone get that ridiculous idea? Just because we both have dark hair, black-rimmed glasses, and a square face? Pshaw! See?

So what have you NOT been up to?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's about that time again! Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Still interviewing, I did NOT press delete on a guy's resume immediately after reading "Dear Sir(s):" I certainly wouldn't slight someone just because they neglected the female salutation. NOT me!

And I DIDN'T judge a girl based on her diva name and diva-like tendencies, such as asking her "assistant" to confirm the interview with me and canceling because I didn't email her after-hours even though my availability was never a question as I set and confirmed the time. NOT hired!

On Memorial Day, I did NOT get some work done around the house and then retreat to a practically deserted Panera Bread with a decidedly French lunch (baguette, onion soup, apple) and my laptop to get some writing done. NO, I had much more productive things to do.

After battling for weeks, I would NEVER report Crunchless Abs to their Better Business Bureau. NO, that would be way too cold-hearted, even if they did have 291 previous complaints. I did NOT tear up in relief when I received the call that they were removing my name from the debt collection list and giving me a full refund, NOR did I run in and tell my co-workers and call my husband in delight. (He did NOT laugh at me when I told him I did NOT tear up.)

JT and I did NOT get "Something Chocolate" on our date to Red Rock Canyon Grill. We stopped after our healthy trout plate we so frugally shared.

I did NOT somehow manage to run four times last week! That's NOT a milestone because it's a regular occurrence. I did NOT have a blast running to the Farmer's Market on Thursday and buying some scallions to put in that night's dinner. On Sunday, I did NOT paint with church in the morning, swim all afternoon, and then run at night. I am much more responsible with my skin! I would NEVER allow my skin to get sunburnt. And I am certainly NOT too lazy to upload the pictures I took last night.

Well that's it! DON'T leave a comment to let me know what you HAVEN'T been doing!
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