Wednesday, June 24, 2009

update, kansas city, and july

Hi Friends. I feel like it's been ages since I've written. Sorry I've neglected you!

Since we last spoke, I:
  • have not kept my house very clean.
  • have not been able to run for three weeks due to a nagging soft tissue injury near the back of my knee.
  • have taken up swimming instead.
  • still haven't decided on a new pair of glasses; JT received his a week ago and looks great!
  • haven't even cooked very much (though last week was "Clean out the Pantry" week, in my defense).
  • went through a transition at work, which resulted in both good and bad things.
  • started a new Gary Thomas book, Sacred Pathways. We read Sacred Marriage before we got married and loved it!
  • visited my roomie in Kansas City and spent 18 hours in the airport. I could have almost driven there, back, there, back, and there again in that amount of time.
Since JT works for a major airline, we fly standby. We get great discounts, but if a flight is full of paying passengers or people with higher standby classification, we do not make the flight. I had a business trip on Friday and had every intention of getting to Kansas City that night, but flights were full.

So at 4:04 am the next day, I got up for a 6:00 flight. It was full, so I waited for the 7:45 flight. It was full as well. My name was called, but the only thing available was a first class seat, and since I was wearing jeans, I couldn't go. I don't think I've ever been more frustrated in my life, because I KNEW THIS. But for some reason, I thought the rule was no shorts or capris, but jeans are okay. Next time, check your facts, LB!

The 8:20 flight had been filled while I was waiting for this last flight, so my next choice was the 10:15 flight. I literally flew out of security, back on the shuttle bus, and into my car to find the nearest clothing store -- a Sears about 8 miles away. I bought the ugliest pair of tan linen, wide-legged pants WITHOUT butt pockets. Double ugh. I changed in the dressing room and flew back to the airport so this wouldn't happen. I ended up making it on that flight to Dallas -- and didn't even need the pants.

I arrived in Dallas at around 11:30 and switched terminals. I was the last one called for the 12:20 flight, and I was in one of the back rows. After hitting nearly everyone I passed with my huge suitcase and juggling it into the overhead compartment, literally the second I clicked my seatbelt into place, I hear, "LB, please come to the front of the plane with all of your personal belongings." That last paid passenger had arrived after all and I was doomed to wait another hour and a half.

But the 12 hours in the airport was so worth it when I saw my roommate around 4:30. She looks beautiful. She took me to the Plaza, which is this incredible outdoor shopping place. We went to this seafood pub and had crab spinach artichoke dip and wine. Then we headed to a jazz lounge in their historic jazz district, where they were having Motown night. It was quite the experience! We felt so cultured! When we finished there, I had my first taste of Melting Pot - their Smore chocolate fondue. It was fondue happy hour, so our entire tab was something like $6 each!

The next day, she introduced me to the TV show 30 Rock, which I now love, and we went to a Kansas City Royals game with her husband and vegged the rest of the evening. We made homemade ice cream and ordered in. Then it was time for me to go home the next afternoon, BUT not before we visited another outdoor shopping place, went to the Le Creuset store (HEAVEN!), and I also found a fantastic BCBG dress for $35, over $100 off! She also took me to a half-price bookstore, where I sold the two books I'd brought -- and already read -- so I could have room for the three new ones I bought!

I made it on all of my flights on the way home, but they were both a bit delayed. If this tells you anything, I read three full books in airports on this trip. But it was totally worth it! I love my roommate!

Why July will be a great month:
  • Candace is coming to stay with us over July 4th weekend
  • Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince debuts July 15th! I will be seeing it at midnight!
  • Working on getting a gym membership and continuing to swim so I can shed my "winter coat"
  • It's my two year anniversary at work!
  • JT is going on a huge hiking trip for a week in Colorado. I will miss him!
  • We have tickets to Wicked!
I hereby promise I will do better at keeping up with this thing!


  1. 3 things

    - Pants w/o butt pockets are the devil. Who on earth thought that was a good idea?

    -My sweet hubby is going backpacking in July the 16th -20th. If our guys dates overlap we need to have girly fun!!

    - We should do dinner and a board game soon. We will have to introduce you guys to "Quelf"

  2. 18 hours! Good lord. Sorry, that's no fun.
    I want to take up swimming. I would love to swim in the morning. I heard it's great for the bod. I haven't been running either, but it's because I'm lazy.

  3. Bummer for the long trip, but sounds like you had fun. Glad you are back. I've missed you! :)

  4. oh my word!! when are you going to see WCKED!?!? you'll LOOOOVE it!! aww, im so excited for you!! and i cannot wait to see you guys! love you!


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