Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

You know the drill! Welcome to the blog circus courtesy of MckMama's creative genius. Jog on down to her blog to read all about what she and her friends have NOT been doing this week!

In this week's edition of Not Me! Monday, we'll learn all about LB's week and HIGH maturity levels!

I did NOT have to pay over $100 to get my air conditioner fixed, and even if I did, it would be something that totally was NOT my fault at all. Since my car is always neat and clean, I would NEVER get a piece of trash sucked into my fan. That only happens to messy people!

And I have certainly worked out a lot this week. I am NOT on the mend because of 2 pulled muscles I don't even know how I pulled. I most certainly did NOT go for a run even though I was sore and make it worse. And my friend April, who is in physical therapy school, did NOT use me as her "practice patient" and whip out some amazing machinery to help me get better.

When JT was so kind to take me out for a weeknight date, I did NOT leave my keys in the ignition with my car unlocked when we met in a parking lot to go to dinner. Who would be so irresponsible? NOT me! I don't even have children yet!

On my sweet husband's birthday this week, I did NOT wake up super early to make him his favorite meal French Toast, only to discover I was out of bread and milk. I certainly keep my refrigerator and pantry well-stocked and plan ahead to commemorate such a special day.

In honor of said birthday, I did NOT check out at Barnes & Noble with both a Christian novel and a book only appropriate within the confines of Christian marriage. And I most certainly DIDN'T awkward-giggle uncontrollably when the conservative, makeupless teen girl rang me up. I am MUCH more mature than that.

Speaking of makeup: you know Ulta? The store devoted to beauty and cosmetics? I did NOT go there in sweats with a scrubbed face after working around the house all day. I certainly would NEVER go out in public without makeup, much less to a store devoted to beauty. And even if I did, I'm pretty sure I would have felt SOME reservation, right? Right??

My best moment of the week? I was commissioned to call the downstairs maintenance because the men's room toilet has been clogged and overflowing onto the floor for two days. I did NOT laugh uncontrollably for no reason when I barely choked out the word "toilet." I have MUCH more dignity than that!

On our date night this week, JT and I went glasses hunting. He found a pair, but I was too busy NOT being indecisive to find my own. Instead, I've shamelessly posted a pic of a prospective pair below. You DON'T need to let me know what you think.

One last thing:

I can NOT be married to this totally babelicious man! Be still my heart!

How was your week? What defining moments did you NOT have?


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