Monday, January 3, 2011

good news and bad news

I'll give you the bad news first: this will be my last post at the marriage of an undomestic.

Since I got married in 2008, I've learned a lot of things. With every whip of the whisk, sizzle of the skillet, and recipe gone wrong, my cooking has evolved, my trial and error more hit than miss. I still can't cook rice to save my life, my homemaking skills need some serious work, and marriage is a constant, glorious uphill battle with selfishness and amazing rewards. But I definitely feel this blog has turned a major corner, from chronicling cooking fails to documenting my intentional living efforts.

Here's where the good news comes in. You can now find me at Like the new name? With A LOT of help from Meseidy, my new space is revamped and I can't wait to make myself at home. I just put up my first post on The Corner Slice explaining a little behind the name, but all of my blogger posts since 2007 should be there, too!

It's still under construction, but I couldn't wait another minute. You guys are the best, and I sincerely hope you will follow my transition and update your bookmarks and subscriptions accordingly.

See you there!
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