Saturday, November 6, 2010

long run letters

Dear 11.4 Miles, You're the furthest I've ever run, and you were good to me. Thanks for being my last long run before my half mary and most fun and interesting run to date. Nostalgic, LB

Dear City of Tulsa, Thank you for investing in Tulsa runners by redoing the Riverside trails. There are plenty of water fountains and restrooms on the trail now, and I am pretty sure there will be gravel running strips in heaven. Saved from early arthritis, LB 

Dear Disappearing Water Fountain, I was so happy to see you at mile 4ish when it was getting super hot for November. You were such a relief to me, but on my way back, I couldn't find you. Were you a mirage? Perplexed, LB

Dear @Garrettdanz, a) Was I seriously Rick Rolled during my run? b) Did you really type out the lyrics to the song so that RunMeter would speak them to me in the British robot voice I've grown to love so much? c) Did I receive strange looks from fellow runners because I laughed out loud? The answer is d) all of the above. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, LB

Dear Adrian Peterson lookalike, Thank you for respectfully expressing your appreciation for my looks. Even married girls like to hear that sometimes. Sorry I was so awkward and told you I'm sure you'll find a great girl someday. Just trying to be encouraging, LB

Dear Legs, Proud of how strong you are. You have had to put up with a lot. I really am sorry I make you hurt. I'll make you a deal: you may be a little slow right now, but let's see how much faster you are with several less pounds on you. Teammates for life? LB

Dear Route 66 Marathon, You and me. Two weeks. Prepare to be owned. LB

Dear JT, So happy I "ran" into you on the trail today while you were biking. Not gonna lie, you + spandex = hubba hubba. Even though I'm not the most athletic, I'm very happy that at least our children have hope.  Proud of my favorite soccerstudcyclist, LB 

*Letters inspired by Emily of Today's Letters. Love her and her wonderful blog!


  1. you are too cute. what a great (and entertaining) post. thanks for a smile before bedtime. :)



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