Thursday, November 25, 2010

things to be thankful for

my husband  
and all the fun and beauty that's revealed through him

and that His mercies are new every one of them

my family
and all the wisdom and tears of laughter that spill in their presence

the oven 
and all of the fascinating things that it can do

and that it doesn't just happen in a classroom

for the special language it speaks to me

and that God gave us an unconscious ability to find each other

hope and a future
and that there are big plans in store

the fourth thursday in november
that it reminds us to have thankful hearts every day

but mostly that I can cook all morning in my pajamas,
eat until I'm stuffed, satisfied, and sleepy,
and spend all day with my family with an agenda of
nothing, football, and more nothing.

what are you thankful for?


  1. Great post Laurie! I cherish the fact that I get to sing with you and the rest of our church family each and every week. Thank God for you and SOCO!


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