Wednesday, November 17, 2010

taper week

 my favorite training hill

I am getting the pre-race jitters a little. This morning, I woke up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare with a menacing villain: an infected toe.

Yesterday, I almost deviated from my plan with a six mile run. Whoops. Luckily I worked late and the temptation passed. But it was a close one.

I alternate between dreaming of my post-race running routine and picking my stomach up from the dramatic plunge that sometimes occurs when I think about the race. Did I skip too many short runs? Did I taper too much? The imagination is a little dangerous when it runs wild, but realistically I know I'll be fine. JT may have to give me a pep talk, but I'll be fine. I just can't wait to cross the finish line and live to write about it!

Luckily I have lots of fun things to keep me occupied this week. Don't forget to watch the epic Throwdown tonight! Check your local Food Network listings (8/7c, I believe), set your Tivo, and prepare to have severe butter withdrawals. I am making this recipe to prevent that from happening. My recap post will be up shortly after!

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