Saturday, November 13, 2010

saturday thoughts


Dear Readers, I know it’s a little cold, but if you have the chance to get outside, take it. By all means, take it! I snapped this shot from my office window yesterday to capture my favorite time of year. The colors are phenomenal. We call it confetti from our 48th-story perch.


There are just a handful of mild days left, though I certainly wouldn’t have called this morning mild as I trudged through my six miles in running tights, shorts, thermal underwear, a t-shirt, and a jacket. And an earwarmer headband. I’m a cold weather weeny, let me tell you. Why did I sign up for a winter race again?

*    *   *

IMG_3681look at these cute donuts! IMG_3678

Go see the sweet ladies at Oklahoma Country Donut Shoppe on 81st and Yale. They do all kinds of custom orders. When I was in there, they were even discussing a special order for a wedding with a woman. I always love stopping in to what new things they’ve cooked up, and they always make my coworkers’ day.

*   *   *

Can I just say that I really appreciate the supportive comments and emails I’ve gotten? Tonight I wanted to spend some time replying to comments – it was important to me that I do this – and then when I was finished, I realized that all I was doing was emailing the “no reply” blogger email. Sad day. Dear Blogger, please get with the program and allow us to reply to comments.

*   *   *

I’ve spent tons of time with kids. But this week was the first time two parents have entrusted me to keep their child alive by myself in a while. I joked that I looked like a college student because I was wearing an ORU hoodie and promised not to invite my boyfriend over.

We a) had a dance party; b) turned off all the lights and had a party involving a princess nightlight and one of those whirling light-up wands from Disney on Ice; c) ate pizza and watched Yo Gabba Gabba; d) were brave and conquered a diaper together. It was so fun!

*   *   *

This week is going to be so exciting! Just in case you don’t know what happens on Wednesday, check back a little ways to find out the scoop. On Thursday night, my trusty Harry Potter buddy, Darla, and I are doing the midnight premiere of The Deathly Hallows, Part I. As her husband Josh said, we are mature, well-adjusted adults, but we can handle our late nights, especially for such a good cause. Random trivia: this will be my ninth midnight premiere, and my third Harry movie with Darla. I’ve been debating which book I’m going to read before that to pump myself up.

Then Friday night is my work Thanksgiving party, and Sunday…shiver…the long-awaited half marathon. Lots to do, but luckily it’s all fun for once! I’m going to mull over which Harry I will right now, make a hot cup of tea, watch a few more episodes of Boy Meets World, and enjoy a few moments of calm.

PS: This is how married people sometimes choose to spend their fun weekends. While I find no shame whatsoever in passing the time in such a manner, I’ll have you know that JT and I ordered in takeout from a new place by our house called Wang Wang (new fav) and have just returned from seeing Morning Glory (loved it). We are so adventurous!

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  1. agree! It's pretty much beautiful outside here in Oklahoma. Cool, but not cold. I love it!

    And I wish I lived in Tulsa to get those donuts! so cute and I am such a sucker for donuts!


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