Tuesday, November 9, 2010

confessions of a writer

 a picture taken during college (in the era of AOL IM)
to demonstrate my burnt out brain

In my full disclosure post, I mentioned that JT is incredibly supportive of my writing.

It's so true.

About once a week, he sends me off on writing nights, during which I pack up my laptop and writing gear -- notebook, pens, Post-its, headphones, etc. -- and set up shop at a coffee shop, where sometimes I am so distracted by college kids that I facebook stalk the entire time I listen to mood music, get inspiration from people watching, drink caffeinated beverages, and hammer out pages.

I can do this because we don't have kids yet, though I fully believe it will continue to happen after kids. Maybe a little less often, but it will happen! I think he knows I need nights like these to be whole. That I have so much more to offer him when I'm firing on all cylinders.

The other night, I was sitting at a coffee shop, zoning out while I decided what to work on next, and I was struck with the sudden realization how random and no-holds-barred "writing mode" can be. There really is no telling where an inspired brain will travel next.

For example, here are some of the random things I googled in my research:

French names female
Bible verse "life abundantly"
knee hyperextension
child that gets sick a lot
hyperbaric chamber
how to make a latte
recessed lighting
intuitive eating

Off the charts, right? My friend Amanda, one of the most talented writers I know, said that while she was working on a forensics script, the little creatures inside the computer that generate Google and Facebook sidebar content gave her the strangest ads because of what she'd searched.

If you can believe it, the thoughts that go through my mind are even more astronomical. But that's a post of a different color :)

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  1. all I can say is that pic brings back memories...

    I also have enjoyed telling my boys that I learned how to fart around other people from you

    tee hee


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