Sunday, February 15, 2009

hubby is almost home!

the husband has been gone since weds! he's on his way from the airport now. I'm so excited!

the house is clean
the lighting is dimmed
candles are lit
John Mayer is playing
I am dressed in my best

I am SO ready to see my JT!

PS: remind me to post the video of him in the Today Show crowd. Very entertaining!

EDIT:: RIGHT when I was clicking "Publish Post," two things happened. 1) I heard the door unlock so I clicked it and closed my computer. 2) The fire alarm went off because I lit too many candles. SUCH a romantic first impression. Now it won't stop beeping intermittently. Good thing I don't embarrass easily and it didn't seem to deter JT!

1 comment:

  1. Please post him in the crowd. I was once on TV. I too was in the Today Show crowd. ACtually, you couldn't see my face just my hat. BUT I knew it was my hat!


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