Thursday, February 12, 2009

why I love my hubs:

1. The passion he puts into all of his pursuits and that his pursuits are so dimensional and varied -- from urban design to soccer to music to technology
2. For making sure our cars and house are locked before we go to bed
3. For letting me wear his jacket even when he told me I'd need my own but I didn't bring it anyway
4. The wonderful feeling of waking up next to him
5. For placing our order at restaurants under fantastic pseudonyms like "Chewbacca," "Johnny Carino," and "Mr. & Mrs. Claus"
6. The way he cannot hide his excitement over things like a rich chocolate cake balls, a sweet kick from David Beckham’s cleat, the chance to be outdoors, or a cute picture he knows I will love
7. His hott body he keeps in shape
8. Because I know he’ll make a great daddy some day
9. For watching movies with me, even if they are so ridiculously cheesy that we fall asleep
10. The fact that he embodies the “Wild at Heart” man
11. His smile lines and dimples on a face I think I know but is always coming up with new expressions and smiles
12. For being a great leader in our relationship
13. The look he gives me when he knows I’m desperately trying not to laugh that always sends me over the edge
14. His verbal encouragement for my singing, cooking, my intellect, and my possibility
15. His nonverbal affirmation like putting his hand on the small of my back when we’re walking in a crowd or squeezing my hand or making sure my hair isn’t sticking up
16. For tolerating my interpretive dance, operatic serenades, and other weird quirks and somehow finding them endearing
17. For laughing with me everyday
18. That he can be such a strong person and so tender and honest
19. His loud singing voice, especially in the shower
20. His pure desire to be a man of God
21. For not going to see Wicked on broadway without me while he is in New York this week

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