Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome back to Not Me! Monday! the blog carnival brainchild of MckMama, where bloggies like me have the chance to 'fess up to everything we've NOT been up to lately.

It was NOT me, who realized on Friday night that I'd already slept my last sleep in the 74012, chased my last wild kitten, driven my last fifty-minute drive home in traffic, shopped my last groceries at my favorite Reasors, and cooked my last meal on my fantastic gas stove.

My last meal was NOT a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of roasted mushrooms? What kind of meal is that (NOT)?

And after seeing pictures and hearing about so many amazing running stories, I did NOT get on a huge running kick today and map out a plan for 3 long distance races over the next year. A quarter marathon August 7, Tulsa Run (9-miler) on 10/30, Route 66 half mary in November, and a full next April. NOT me!

It was NOT ME! who enlisted the help of Jason and Andrea, who are one hardworking power couple! By the time they left five hours later, they had NOT fed us homemade pizzas (Andrea), helped move all of the heavy furniture (Jason), packed and cleaned my kitchen (Andrea), and completely filled our POD! But if they DID, I would be forever grateful for their hard work. And I'd invite them to be our first dinner guests if so!

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