Thursday, April 22, 2010

another random one!

we throw the best office birthday parties. of all time.
complete with 3D decorations and make-your-own mud pies
(there's no alcy in those jello shots. promise.)

*    *   *
I got over my terror of packing and we've made pretty good progress.
my husband is living up to his self-proclaimed moniker, "Professional Packer"
I guess he's moved a lot?
either way, I am glad to be married to such a fast, efficient, and encouraging mover.

as our house empties, I'm coming to terms with it
and detaching myself from the idea of it as my home
here is a glimpse of home now:
 still amazed by this.
I can't wait to find out why God called us to this house
and opened every single door
when it's way more than we need for several years,
way more than I ever imagined we'd be blessed with.
it's a mystery

*   *   *
I had every intention of doing "weight loss wednesday"
with my beauty mama friend Sarah T. this week,
but decided to do another random post.

If they are becoming regular, does that mean they're not random anymore?

anyway, there is absolutely no way I can post about weight loss this week.
not on a week when I have worked out once (tonight)
and am still getting over the plague.

plus, I have acquired three cookbooks this week.
my mom bought me Giada's latest and the Julia Child cookbook, too.
ironically, I have not cooked once this week, unless you count PB&J.
do you count PB&J?
last night, I had a weird craving for roasted mushrooms on the side of my PB&J

the third cookbook is TOTALLY different:

I emailed Kath of KERF, and she recommended this to me.
I've already bookmarked my favs.
I really want to jump on the "whole foods" bandwagon more,
but it just feels so sinful to cheat on my Braum's soft serve like so!
 nevertheless, here at the marriage of an undomestic,
I decided three blogs is way too  many, so
I've pretty much combined them now.
you will be seeing "improving LB" and "undomestic kitchen" posts
right here in the near future!


  1. lovely new house! Hope you post some ideas/recipes from the Clean Food book. Looks interesting. BIG HUG to you as you move. Dave is not much of a packer, but Ryan puts us all to shame. She can get more stuff in a U-haul than anyone I've ever seen! I guess it comes from loading the band equipment in that little trailer they had, but either way, he can pack it in! (It's a good thing, too, because he is a PACK RAT!!) :)

  2. I LOVE KERF! I've been reading her blog for the past two weeks. Do you read It's great too. I'm all about healthy food blogs. It keeps me going during the week.

    Also, PB&J counts as cooking in my book.

  3. Your new house is fantastic! Very excited for you! Sorry you have to pack though...that is NO fun. Do weight loss wednesday with me next week! I like your random posts though!


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