Thursday, April 15, 2010

my husband, the cook

Reason #23093209 why I love JT

Yesterday evening on the phone, while I am home from work sick:
JT: Would you feel up to making s'mores tonight?
LB: I don't really feel up to anything.
JT: Oh. Well, I kind of told my office I'd bring some tomorrow.
LB: ...

So JT drove to the store (I had forgotten Golden Grahams, the MOST crucial ingredient) and made his very own S'more Bars for his co-workers. I am so proud!


JT has just come home from work:

LB: I missed you!
JT: Are you going to take a shower?
LB: (Smelling myself) Why, do I stink?
JT:, you'll just feel better after you take a shower.

When I returned from the shower, this is what I found:


  1. That was so very sweet! I hope that you feel better soon too! It's so funny but I always think I married the best one out there and others do too, so that's a great sign at least! Jonathan is the sweetest about the little things--always offering to do the stuff just because. We're lucky!

  2. Awww! You never showed me this! That is sooo sweet :) Well done, JT!


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