Monday, April 5, 2010

a family tradition

My brothers and I have an Easter tradition: 

I am the oldest and the shortest out of the three now, but my brothers can't take my mean hook shot. Just kidding. They totally let me cheat. The name of our game is 21, and yesterday I won for the very first time. 10 shots, 1 free-throw. Plus, they are sweet and don't take away all of my points when I miss a shot and they tip it in. 
But the fun of basketball isn't in dribbles, swishes, follow throughs, or any of that. It's in the trash talk. My brothers and I have a pseudo-gangsta language we've used ever since NBA Hangtime 1999 or something like that. 
I love my brothers!

"ain't nothin to it"
"all day, baby"


  1. I love basketball. I played for 11 years.

  2. is that at your parents house? if so...i'm so jealous! i always had to play on a partially slanted driveway :(


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