Sunday, April 18, 2010


April 19, 2008

Dear Flu, Please leave Casa Tomlinson. We'd like to breathe normally and be socially acceptable again soon. So pack your bags and take Coughing, Sniffling, Achies, and the rest of your cronies with you, too! Already feeling better, LB

Dear Weekend to Remember, You were our first marriage conference to ever attend and, boy, were you a lot of information to grasp! You encouraged us to put God first, our marriage second, and everything else should come after those two things. We learned more about communicating with each other, were encouraged to express our love better, and can't wait to put the gems you taught us to practice in our marriage. Grateful, LB

Dear Colt McCoy, When I saw you on TV in a Longhorns jersey, I have to admit it was bittersweet. They were showing the 2007 bowl game on ESPN Classic, and I was both happy at the fond memories of a great Christian team leader and a knockout QB, and sad when reminded of the disappointing note on which you left. Can't wait to see what a great NFL quarterback you will be. Good luck in the draft this week! Maybe a little too invested in college football? LB

Dear The Chalkboard, JT took me to you on Saturday night, one of my first visits to a super nice restaurant! Your house salad with goat cheese, apples, pecans, and bing cherries was fantastic, and I'm still dreaming of the beef bourguignon that I'm sure would make even Julia herself squeal with delight. We'll have to save you for very, very special occasions unless we want Dave Ramsey on our heels, but thanks for helping us celebrate in style! One happy customer, LB

Dear POD, You are arriving on Tuesday and I have ten days to pack my entire life into you. I have to admit I'm a little intimidated at that prospect. Will you please be easy to pack and provide enough space for Casa Tomlinson's epic download? Thank you in advance for moving our possessions across town and storing them for a week 'til we're ready to move into our new house. I'm sure with the help of God, prayers of my friends, and a lot of hard work, we'll figure out some way to get you packed before we close! Baffled in Broken Arrow, LB

Dear Routine, About once a year I have a moral crisis in which I examine you. Am I spending my time wisely? Am I doing everything I want to do? My BFF, the esteemed counseling fellow, always tells me that I both need and deserve down time, but is there such thing as too much of a good thing? Would devoting an hour a day to exercise and an hour a day to writing help me accomplish my goals better? Let's talk later, LB

Dear JT, Congratulations! We have been promoted to Year 3 of Marriage! It's been quite the adventure, and I'm so glad I get to be your helper for the rest of our lives. Thank you for making me laugh every day, like when you told me tonight that you'd left a message on our bed to tell me how you feel -- just like the conference said to do -- and I found a package of brownie mix waiting for me. Thank you for your kindness when you choose graceful words, consideration when you listen to my stories, patience when you're waiting for me to get to the point already, selflessness when you let me pick the movie, thoughtfulness for a wonderful date night and a thousand other ways you show you care throughout the day, humility to let me take care of you when you're sick, flexibility to adapt to our differences in personality, and faithfulness to show me God's love as the closest example I have of it on this earth. You are the most important person in my life.  I choose us! LB


  1. You're just so great!! Loved reading this!
    We had to move our stuff into a pod before our house was done. It seems kinda stressful but I liked it SO much! You just clean it out at a nice pace and the house doesn't seem as cluttered! :)
    Glad you're feeling better and Happy 3 years!

  2. I have got to try beef bourgeon. I've been wanting to and I'm sure it's delightful!


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