Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekly goals

1) clean my house

2) make enchiladas

3) revive my Project LGN blog

4) run 3-4 times (get back to medium distances, over 3 miles)

5) write 5 nights this week
6) get TONS done at work
7) get Anne and May's new book, A Little Help from My Friends. By the way, best cover art ever. See?

8) If I don't post pictures of a new haircut or tweet about it or something by the end of this week, find me, tie me up, and take me to the salon. It is absolutely necessary!

9) Cheer on the Texas Longhorns in the Red River Shootout on Saturday. It's gonna be a great game, as usual!

Must get some sleep!


  1. i definitely cant wait to see pics of a new cut, i DEFINITELY need one myself! yikes! lol, im making a goal of finishing all of these books ive gotten half way through and havent finished yet! how sad is that?? anyways i love you and i hope you have a GREAT night!


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