Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Traditions I Want to Save/Uphold/Begin for My Family*:

*Disclaimer: This is not an announcement that JT and my little family is growing anytime soon.
Good, now that that's settled, we can continue on with the list.

1) The importance of family: being close to, confiding in, supporting, praying for, and showing love for family. I didn't live close to my grandparents or cousins and regret not seeing them as much.

2) The Cosby Show. Thinking of buying the series on DVD. I want to be exactly like Mrs. Huxtable and solve everyone's problems with witty humor and perfectly timed cake. I won't give JT too much grief for licking the frosting before it's served, either.

3) Eating dinner together as a family. Not every night, because that's pretty much impossible, but much as humanly possible. Hopefully, they will prefer to be there!

4) I want to be able to teach my kids (at least the girls) how to sew and play the piano, two domestic essentials I don't have in my arsenal.

5) Love of playing outside: I once spent an entire afternoon tracking an ant from one side of my backyard to the other. I was always in a tree, jumping on the trampoline, and used to beg my mom to let me eat my pop-tarts on the driveway on summer mornings. I know life happens, but hopefully my kids will spend more time getting dirty than in front of a screen. Then again, look what happened when this mother let her kid play outside for too long :)

6) Christy Miller books. Everything I learned about growing up was from Christy and Todd.

7) Going to church together every week. JT and I have never skipped church unless we were sick or out of town. That aspect of family is important, too!

8 & 9) Music and Laughter: two important essentials I want to always be floating through my home. It will keep JT and me young and our kids worry-free as long as possible.

10) Bayton. I have a quilt named Bayton (I could not say "blanket") made by an old great aunt when I was born. It's pink and has all kinds of vintage fabric squares. It's the softest thing I've ever touched, even a baby's bottom. It's somehow the perfect size for my full-grown height -- I can tuck it under my toes and pull it under my chin. Even though I'm married, I still sleep with it. I want to make my kids one, because they sure as anything cannot have mine :)

11) Boy Meets World. Three words: Corey+and+Topanga.

12) Curiosity. I hope beyond all hope that I will not stifle my kids' curiosity by getting annoyed at their questions, but hope, explore, and believe with them and be inspired by them. I think my mom was great at that!

13) Not just before meals PRAYER, but a constant life of it. Something we depend on. I pray for him/her/them already, but I hope my kids will knock my socks off in this department as it's such an important part of life and I haven't been the best at it.


  1. I think this is a wonderful list - and I think it's wonderful that you are being intentional about such things *before* becoming parents. Life goes by so fast, I sometimes look back and wish I had done ____ . Great to have a plan for such things! Miss you!

  2. Laurie,

    So good to hear form you! Thank you for your sweet comment and for praying for me :) I really appreciate it!

    Here are some links I used to spruce up my blog:

    HT widen your columns
    (I found this by googleing "ht widen your blog")

    Here's a great tutorial on changing the fonts on your titles

    I deleted the code section for changing the date font.

    Here is where I found my font
    It's called Never Let Go, but there are a lot of great fonts to download.

    Hopefully this helps! I can't wait to see what you come up with! If you need any help just let me know and I'll see if I can do something :)



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