Wednesday, October 21, 2009

eye candy

As your token favorite Undomestic, I have never had an eye for decorating or what things should look like in my home. As manly as he is, JT is also blessed with a great eye for design, and he comes up with all of the great ideas to make our home cozy and cute. But right now, I'm obsessed with berries and blossoms of all kinds and fake fruit used in unconventional ways. Somehow, I think he disagrees with my tastes. My mom has the cutest orange and yellow fall berry spray framing her front door and I love it. Since everyone is starting to think about Christmas decor, I think I'm going to try to make a berry and lime wreath for our door before Christmastime. For my house, I'm not a fan of the conventional pointsettia/pine needle look. So I'm going to see what we can do differently!

JT and I want a furry friend so badly, preferably of this variety (Weimaraner). We even have him named and have big plans of taking him running and hiking with us. Of course, I've counted my puppies before they've hatched and want a second dog, too, so he can have a friend. I also want a big sweet Yorkie because I had one briefly growing up and she was the only dog we had who liked me more than my mother. My mother gave her away before I could say goodbye.

Longhorns in celebration is always eye candy to me. Even though the games have been ugly, it's been a fun season!

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas presents? I think I'd be mad if JT spent $299 on my Christmas present, but I've been eyeing this super cute stand mixer every time I see it in Giada's kitchen. It's my favorite color, and my mom told me not to register for one for our wedding because she was going to buy it, but then she ended up buying something else, so I didn't get it.

If I could have any room in any house, this would be it. If money, time, energy, and space wasn't an issue, I'd transplant the simplicity of this room into my entire house. These are my ideal Christmas decorations: splashes of color I can interchange, not too flashy, hidden storage, and big plush comfort inviting me and guests in to curl up (feet and socks allowed on the sofa) for a cup of cocoa and sink into the cushions for some good conversation -- TV not required.

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  1. I love this post! & I will keep you and JT in my prayers tomorrow! Right after I leave my interview he should be going into his and I will start praying :)


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