Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time of week again! Time for us to take down our hair and 'fess up, courtesy of MckMama's brilliant mind!

As a productive wife who makes the best use of my time possible, I did NOT blow off housework Saturday after Pilates. And if I did, surely I would make up for it on Sunday, right?

I did NOT make three trips to Lowe's and one trip to Home Depot this weekend at my husband's bidding.

It was NOT me who spent hours obsessing this weekend over my company's Christmas party skit, and rewrite an entire 80s song to fit a cheesy topic.

As a mature adult, I would never confide my deathly fear of bees to two complete strangers on two separate occasions -- all in the five minute walk to my car. NOT me!

I did NOT go to every bookstore in town to see if they had the latest Anne and May release -- MULTIPLE times, sometimes within the same day. NOPE, NOT me!!

Last but not least, I did not buy fake UGG boots this weekend. I am about ten years too old for those, right? And I definitely did NOT tuck them into my pants even though I made fun of a mom for doing it just hours before.

JT and I did NOT go see Whip It and love it! And I did NOT just discover the band Owl City, who is kind of NOT growing on me.

Well that's what I have NOT been up to. Kind of boring, huh? Your turn!


  1. I think I need some fake ugg boots this winter too. Even tho Jason hates them, I think I would like some! I'll just not wear them around him!

  2. Sarah - how come I'm the last to discover them? Were they in a movie or something I didn't see?

    Andrea - go the Old Navy route. Theirs are cute, clean, and simple -- and WARM!

  3. I did NOT just sit here and watch Little Bear for 15 minutes while the kids are resting, because I wanted to see what Father Bear brought Little Bear home from the sea. I surely would use the priceless "double nap" time for something useful like cleaning or laundry. ;-)

  4. Jonathan and I LOVE LOVE LOVE owl city. try listening to them in the morning when you wake up. it just makes the day sweeter. it's perfect morning music. :) I think i'll have to join in the not me monday antics next week :) so fun!


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