Wednesday, October 13, 2010

where were you...

...during the Earthquake of 2010?

I was sitting at my desk, getting things in order for my work day...on the 48th floor of my office building! Yikes! My chair shook and it felt like they were using a jackhammer under my desk. Everyone ran into the hallway, asking each other if we'd felt it. Asking each other if there was going to be another one.

Twitter and Facebook are lighting up with people who felt this 4.5 earthquake in Tulsa, Norman, even Dallas. Even PW felt it!


When I called JT, he said he thought it was just commotion going on in the shop he works near.

"No! It was an earthquake," I insisted. "Everyone felt it!"

"Whoever felt it dealt it," he said. I love that one.

Okay, time to get back to work, business as usual, nothing more to see here -- let's pray. But as one of my coworkers' friend put it, we have tornadoes, ice storms, mosquitoes, and other natural disasters in Oklahoma. Now earthquakes?

Did you feel it where you were?


  1. I totally did not feel it. I was in my car. Had no clue anything happened until I walk into my office and did my morning FB check. Crazy.

  2. I was sitting in the big blue chair, and thought "why is there a small child under this chair kicking it?? That little turkey is making the walls shake." Then I realized none of the children could *fit* under the chair... (Oh, and the fact that I could see both of them playing in Cali's room.). By the time I arrived at these conclusions, it was over. So, naturally my first move was to grab the iPad and get on Facebook ;-)

    Love the PW reply on Twitter! Oh, and a big "howdy" to Kristin, I feel very connected, knowing you both! :-)


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