Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a special announcement

My BFF is engaged! I cannot tell you how excited I am for her and her new fiancé. (Or how hard it was to keep his plans a secret from her.)

He let me know that it was about that time a little over a month ago and enlisted me in some super secret ops. LJ made it super easy on me, however. Pretty much right away, she told me she wanted me to take her ring shopping when she was in town and we ended up finding the ring she absolutely loved. We took tons of pictures, you know, "just in case Geoff were to call me sometime," and I took notes on my iPhone of exactly what she wanted.

I cannot tell you how much fun we had spending precious girl time together and how special it was to me that she would ask me to be a part of that! We have been best friends since freshman year in high school (over 11 years??) so we have seen some pretty major life moments together. I have been praying for her future spouse for a long time and I don't think God could have picked someone better for her.

We got along with him from the minute we met him, and I can tell he loves her SO much. He is so good to her, considerate of her, always making her laugh, and they just go so well together and make each other better. And when she talked about him, even before they were dating when she insisted they were just friends in the same grad program, part of me always knew there would be something special about him down the road :)

LJ, I love you, I'm so incredibly happy for you, and I cannot wait to stand next to you on the beach when you become Mrs. R.


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