Thursday, October 14, 2010


The other day, we came home from work and went out the front door to check the mail. To our surprise, we found an orange plastic pumpkin full of candy and two pieces of paper.

We had been BOO'd.

Booing, we've learned, is a tradition in our neighborhood, and yet another reason we love it so much. Aside from the wide streets, tall trees, and kids playing outside all the time, we have absolutely the best neighbors. They've been so warm and welcoming since we've lived at our current house, and the kids treat Sampson like one of the neighbor kids. They seriously come to our door and ask if Sampson can come out and play, and even wrote his name on the BOO paper. We feel so blessed to have the people around us we do. We had no idea what a wonderful atmosphere it would be.

So when it came to paying it forward, I decided to bake my go-to chocolate cake batter cookies and put Reese's Pieces in the batter. They tasted so delicious with colors perfect for fall! You can do Halloween candy, baked goods, whatever floats your boat, really. I chose two neighbors who don't live on our street who I thought would enjoy it. Their kids like to pet Sampson when they see us walking or running, so I was a little biased!

If you don't know your neighbors well or want to come up with a fun way to get to know them better, I'd encourage you to visit this site with Boo grams or eHow's detailed instructions, assemble some goods, and shower with your neighbors with blessings -- whether there are kids involved or not!

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  1. What a fun thing. Sister #1's office does this, and I tried it at my office one year. Everyone had a good time trying to figure out who Boo'd them.

    How is the running coming along.


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