Thursday, October 7, 2010

did you know?

bonus: this is what little LB looked like in 1989

 Jenna posted some "did you knows" today, which was lots of fun to read. So since I'd love to know more about you, I'll go first. And if you feel so inclined to do a post like this, link in the comments to share the fun with everyone! Here goes...

Did you know?

1) I'm (technically) a published co-author...of a Spanish/English medical dictionary with an original printing of about 15 at my small university press.

2) For years, I played basketball and softball but have never considered myself athletic or competitive, a nightmare for the only daughter of a sports fan with two athletic sons. Coincidentally, my favorite sport I've ever played was indoor soccer, which I discovered in college.

3) I graduated a semester early from college and later found out that if I'd gone that extra semester, I'd have enough classes for three bachelor's degrees (English, Spanish, and Mass Communications/Journalism). For the record, I won't go back and do it because I think having a degree is important, but experience is the most important factor in the professional world.

4) Quaker Oatmeal Squares is our new favorite cereal! We eat it night and day, especially since I've been in a bit of a cooking slump lately.

5) I secretly love Dog the Bounty Hunter and Billy the Exterminator's shows, to my husband's horror, and I've also recently started watching "Friday Night Lights". It reminds me of high school, sadly.

6) I not-so-secretly love Elton John.

7) The first meal I tried to cook for JT after we got married was a spring risotto with peas and herbs and lots of parmesan. I'd never had risotto and had no idea how extensive it was for a beginning cook to make. But I stirred in the broth bit by bit, stirred for what seemed like forever, and got it cooked to my liking. Then I accidentally dumped in a ton of black pepper, tried to syphon it off, and made JT and I tear up when we ate it. Everyone has to start off somewhere, right?

8) One of my proudest moments was walking hand-in-hand across the stage at my college graduation with Betty, the 70-year-old, 80% hearing impaired lady I tutored in Spanish for two years. 

9) If I weren't a publicist, I'd want to be a chef, nurse, physical therapist, opera singer, bakery owner, magazine editor, or food writer.

10) My puppy Sampson's middle name is...? I will give you hints:

+ he is named after a sidekick from a historical/epic movie
+ this sidekick is European
+ this sidekick looks horrible in a skirt
+ this sidekick can grow some epic facial hair
+ this name also means "James"

Leave a comment with your best guess and/or a random fact about you, and one of you might find a special might involve a little baking I plan to do this weekend. Also, hello to all of the wonderful bloggies I met at the Tulsa Blog Meet-up on Thursday! Welcome to my little corner of the web!


  1. Here is 2:

    1. I always look in my back seat when I get into my car. I don't know why I don't do it before I get in. I hope I never find a Zombie.

    2. When I pass a dead animal on the road, I do the father, son, holy spirit motion.

  2. Impressive about graduating early. Three degrees would be cool, but 2 is cool too.


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