Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a trip to the farmers market

On Saturdays after Pilates, I like to run errands in midtown since I'm already down there. Usually, this involves making any excuse I can to go to Whole Foods. But I've limited myself to going there about once or twice a month for the sake of my pocketbook. Wannabe foodies just can't be trusted in that place. Everything is so beautiful, fresh, and delicious-looking. And samples? I'm not gonna lie. I've gotten full on those samples before I could even cook dinner. Going there hungry is inexcusable, unless you plan on eating at the hot bar, of course.

Okay, geez. Obsessed much?

The only thing better than Whole Foods, I discovered on Saturday morning, is buying local. Our old house was across from a farmer's market. Summer mornings, we'd wake up, go buy some basil and scallions, and then pick up some truffles from the French chocolate shop on the idyllic little Main Street strip. Though I will never forget our Saturday morning tradition at our old house, this week I discovered the jackpot: The Cherry Street Farmers Market.

When I arrive, the entire street was blocked off. There were tons of booths and it was very hard to decide what to get. I'd gone to the ATM (since I am wayyy too practical to ever carry cash) and given myself a $20 budget. Trust me, it's for the better that I gave myself a limit. The first thing I saw was a huge bunch of basil for $2. I likened it to a bouquet because it was that beautiful, and I pay more than that for the tiny carton of basil at the store. But I couldn't just buy the first thing I saw. I was going to play it smart!

Twenty minutes later, I had this beautiful bounty: cremini mushrooms, succulent grapes, a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, fat onions, and perfect red potatoes. I also bought this local garlic-flavored cheese made from nonfat yogurt. Missing anything? Yes, I ended up spending the last of my money on the grapes. After tasting one, I was sold.

As I was wandering the "aisles", completely zoned out in a sort of overstimulated reverie, I came up with an idea. Why not make a challenge out of this? Make several meals that showcase my farmers market bounty, sort of a test to see if I could handle a CSA. So I have lots of tricks up my sleeve for the next few days, starting with my Farmers Market Pasta.

I leave you with some close-ups of my pretties.

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  1. i love that you are so passionate about your food! a girl after my own heart!


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