Thursday, September 23, 2010

epic birthday 25, part !!


This is part !! of my epic birthday recap. Just in case you missed part 1, you know, if you weren’t used to me posting, click here to check it out.

So the Friday after my birthday Tuesday, I was fully expecting JT to plan a fun birthday date for me. Usually this involves some kind of progressive dinner, coffee, dessert event where we basically hit up all of our favorite places to celebrate the best way we know how.

All afternoon, I imagined where he would take me. Was he thinking sushi, which we normally save for special occasions? Or somewhere off the map completely? If there’s one thing I know about my husband, it’s that he’s unpredictable (most of the time).

But I never could have expected what I found when I got home.

On the bed was a card surrounded by flowers, a bottle of my favorite red wine, some bubble bath, my bathrobe, and a card. Inside the card, JT expressed that my special date night was with myself (well, and Sampson). If you know me, you know this is a very special gift for me. The card also came with a list of instructions for me.

First, I was to go for a run. I was so excited! It was a really beautiful day and the sun was starting to set, my favorite time to begin.

so I stretched…


and headed out on my absolute favorite trail


for a glorious SIX-MILE sunset run
it was so good for my soul!

Next, I set out to run my “errands”
first, I was sent to find a book and buy it.
along with some good chocolate.
I stopped in to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get a few things we needed.
(and some surprises for me and Sampson!)

IMG_1149 then I drew up a nice warm bath
for legs fresh from a wonderful run.

and I just enjoyed my dark chocolate, wine, and book for awhile.
not gonna lie, it was nice! IMG_1155

after my bath, I worked on my manuscript until I fell asleep!
when I woke up, I went on a date with
my little Sampson


to pick up a bouquet of basil at the farmer’s market!


then I came home and watched week one of college football:
the week I’ve been waiting for for MONTHS.


I had a delicious rare Sonic treat, my diet cherry limeade,
to tide me over while I watched my Longhorns win!

Have I mentioned how perfect this weekend was?
What about how much I love my little family?


stay tuned for part !!!
yes, there’s more.


  1. LOVE THIS! also we have the SAME running shoes :) and you should try chocolate lab- an AMAZING chocolate wine!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1) I'm way behind on your blog, which I LOVE!
    2) When I got to the picture of that red pole I thought to myself, "I RECOGNIZE THAT RED POLE!!!" (thought we just that much enthusiasm). WHEN I used to go running in Tulsa w/ Rachel P., we always run around that thing. ...Much memories w/ that there red pole :)
    4) Miss our good ol' hang out days
    5) Hope you're having a happy freakin' day when you read this!



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