Wednesday, September 29, 2010

and so it begins...

 half marathon training
At 6:16 a.m., I spent 44 minutes getting ready and talking myself into running. Yes, it takes me awhile to decide this, but all I want to do is win the battle more times than not. (Two quick, hilly miles done and done, just FYI!)

While I've been running here and there all summer, working myself up to about six miles, I had a half mary plan mapped out to begin today (actually yesterday #fail), entered into Monique's calendar, and ready to go. But now I'm having second thoughts. The original plan has more days off, but Hal Higdon's plan doesn't focus on what I think is speedwork. I'm not going to be bound to one or the other, I don't think. I like one short, speedy run or intervals a week, one medium (4-6-8 mile run), 1 long run (8-10-12), and 1-2 days of cross and strength training.

Any insights on this from other runners? All I know, is that I'm less motivated to do a run that looks like this on my calendar:

Just a little intimidating! Hal's program focuses more on strength, which I like. So it looks like, the first day of my training, I will be switching programs. Awesome.

Okay, I need your help. As I wrote on fbook, the best thing you can do to support me is pray, send good vibes, leave encouraging comments, etc. But the second best thing you can do is make me a CD or leave a comment with the music that pumps you up. What gets you over the hump when you're working out, cleaning, tackling something huge at work, or want to get pumped up about a big project?

Thanks in advance!


  1. My truffle shuffle's running staples to date are:

    "Heart of a Champion" - Nelly
    "If Only" - Hanson
    "Promise" - Matchbook Romance
    "Time and Confusion" - Anberlin
    "Sweetness" - Jimmy Eat World
    "Sweet Disposition" - The Temper Trap

  2. Hey Laurie! This is so exciting! I ran my first half mary in March and am running my first full in 17 days with Team in Training. I loved our training plan and felt like it was a really great transition. I also didn't have any injuries until Saturday when I sprained my ankle 4 miles in to our 20 miler! grr. Anyway, if you would like I would be happy to email over the training calendar. Just email me at Glad to see you are doing well and congrats again! -Jessica
    PS I blogged the journey on my TNT page. You can read it here:

  3. Michael Franti's "Say Hey"
    Katy Perry's "California Girls" and "teenage dream"
    Sara bareilles "king of anything"
    Nelly's "just a dream"
    Hall and Oates "You make my dreams" (come true)

    these are just a few!! LOOOOVE THEM!! i'll try and think of more! and yeah, i would go for your plan of the 4-6-8 mile a week or so, dont worry about sticking to it, to the "T" but just make sure you get your long runs in a week!! YOU CAN DO IT!! :) love you!!

  4. My iPod Shuffle has 3 hours of awesomeness. I'm going to admit lots of the songs come from Jazzercise, but whatever they are awesome.

    1. I way I Are- Timbaland
    2. Let's get it Started- Black Eye Peas
    3. We Belong to the Music- Miley Cyrus/Timberland

    Ok, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I will get to you with more songs.

  5. advice on the schedule- trash it. Well, you use it as a guide, but don't follow it exact day for day. For instance if it says by week 4 you should be at 8 miles, get to 8 miles but run it on the day you feel like running.

    I have discovered, some days you don't feel like running. However, some days I'm in the zone ready to run and I can bust out 8 miles. The important thing is to not stress about the schedule.


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