Sunday, September 26, 2010

epic birthday, part !!!

Where we last left off in part !!, I had just enjoyed a few much-needed days to myself, which left me rejuvenated and energized. (Don't feel sorry for JT. He went to Six Flags and the OU game with his best friend!)

The next weekend, I was really excited about a dinner out on the town. Like the weekend before, I thought about it all week, wondering where he was going to take me and what we were going to do. What can I say? I cherish date nights with my husband, especially when there’s food involved and I don’t have to cook!

Friday night finally rolls around and JT says he wants to rest a little before we go out, but he wants me to straighten up the house a little in case Jason were to come over. (Hey -- something’s fishy here!)

Imagine my surprise when he goes outside to get something and I hear a knock at the door. It was Andrea Cherie and Meseidy, armed with sleeping bags, air mattresses, and overnight bags. JT had planned a surprise slumber party for me and a few of my friends, (Amanda and Darla also came) kickin' it middle school style!

First, Meseidy and I rummaged through the pantry and refrigerator, and she put together an amazing pasta with sweet potato sauce. It was fantastic! All of the girls were so impressed by Meseidy's ability to whip up something with the bare bones essentials in my pantry. (Had I known we'd be playing Iron Chef in my kitchen, I might have prepared a little better!) Not to mention all of the plates were licked clean. Well, not literally. (But maybe in my case.)

Speaking of Meseidy, you should hop over to her blog and check out her latest project, The Next Food Blog Star. She was selected for the second round, which I am very proud of, and I know she would appreciate your much-deserved vote on Monday! While you're there, you might as well check out her amazingly creative recipes! You can thank me later :)


After dinner, we dug into this cake JT bought from Merritt's, this amazing bakery in town. This is my absolute favorite kind of cake and the frosting was divine.

We each saved room for a slice and then headed to Starbucks, where I tasted my very first pumpkin spice latte. I now understand the rave about them! Absolutely delicious! 


While we had lots of chick flicks and activities planned out, we chose to exercise our gift of gab instead. Our old bones stayed up until 2 a.m. talking about everything under the sun. It's so great to have such awesome girl friends and to get to spend time with them!

JT, seriously? How creative can you be? Thank you for pursuing me very creatively this birthday and in life! It was honestly the best birthday yet. Here’s to 94 more!

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  1. a. that cake is awesome.
    b. best bday surprise ever
    c. dig the pumpkin spice latte, but love it more that they wrote your name in hot pink :)


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