Thursday, September 2, 2010

dear bloggies,

Sampson here. My human is asleep, so I’ve hijacked her blog to tell you a little about myself. Life here has been interesting this week. The girl human has been cooking a lot, and the man human made me wear a funny sign on Tuesday.


He likes to do funny things like that for her for some reason. All I care about is that I got lots of scratches behind my ear, and lots of biscuits for being a good boy.

I just turned five months old, and I’m getting pretty big. Of course, I’ve always thought I was as big as the other dogs, but now I’m growing into my big paws and not so clumsy anymore. My humans enjoy throwing the ball just so I can slide across the hardwoods, though.

My favorite tricks are sit, shake, lay down, off, leave it, gentle, and stay. My favorite toy is my foxy and I can find him around the house when my humans ask me where he is.


rbtaThe girl human says she loves this picture because it focuses on the place she likes to kiss, the top of my head.

My favorite things to do are pet Mr. Turtle, go bye-bye, play with other dogs, lick peanut butter straight from the spoon, chew on my rawhides, and be around people. I am still working on jumping on people. Sometimes I just get so excited and forget.

Looking at that picture makes me awfully sleepy. I have no news to report. I just eat and sleep and play all day. Hopefully this rainy spell will be over soon because staying in my kennel is so not my favorite thing to do while the humans are at work.

Oh, one more thing.

The humans keep mentioning my name and September 29 in the same sentence. They say things like I get to go see my friends at the vet and I have no idea what’s about to happen to me. I guess I’ll find out what they’re talking about on September 29!

Will you be my friend?

Sampson T.


  1. He doesn't look much like a puppy anymore!

  2. i will be your friend!!! :) i think im in love already! :)


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