Monday, August 30, 2010

with everything, part 2

There comes a time in every girl's life -- or five -- when she simply needs a new beginning, a fresh start, or some semblance of a blank page. With my twenty-fifth birthday on the horizon, I'm full of wonder what my new page is going to look like. I guess you could call it a quarter-life crisis long coming, though I could contend that I've been through a few already. I do seem to go through things early: puberty, marriage, graduation from college, ascent in the corporate world. Maybe it's a first-born thing.

And if you've been following this blog for any time at all, you can't tell me you didn't see it coming with all of my self-help projects I've planned for myself that didn't last more than a few weeks.

My theme for year 24 was "With Everything," based on my absolute favorite song, and I'm still trying to figure out what that looks like. So let me explain. I know that the utmost desire of my heart is to invite the Lord into all that I am, in all that I do, no matter how many times my selfishness causes me to fall asleep praying, choose self-indulgence over service, or lose control of my tongue. Because that happens a lot.

Second on the priority list, I want to be more intentional with how I spend my time. Even if it involves spending a little more quality time with my planner. But never fear; this will include marking huge blocks of hours off for fun things like sleeping in, picnics, reading, writing, baking, napping. I'd better learn to fit these things in or there's no way they'll ever happen when I become a mother. Basically I'm tired of saying "I don't have time" for the picnics, books, and baking because what I'm really saying is "I don't make time!" This has to change.

Enter the search for meaning. (From Stage Left, crossing to Center Stage.) The search is universal because everyone goes through this beautiful train wreck at one point in time or another. Some may even say that that search motivates every action and decision in life for many. I'm glad I know in Whom my meaning lies, but that doesn't mean I don't want each individual moment in my life to be more meaningful. I want to do more serving/doing/creating/experiencing instead of coping/passing by/recovering/automating.

Henceforth, my "quarterlife crisis" shall be known as "The Quarter Life Awakening." And here is my working list for "25 for 25" -- things I want to accomplish this year.

1) Wear more dresses
2) Try being vegan for a month
3) Go gluten-free for a month
4) Run a half marathon (scheduled for 11/21/10)
5) Get professional pictures done with JT
6) Write something. Everyday.
7) Take time to listen to God and be intuitive about what He's saying to me
8) Take the GRE
9) Learn how to play the piano
10) Finish at least the first draft of my novel
11) See a Texas Rangers game at the Ballpark
12) Cook at home more and blog more recipes!
13) Plant an herb garden
14) Decorate my house (walls still blank; entire rooms still unfurnished)
15) Plan my meals every single week!
16) Find the perfect pair of boots and rock them this fall and winter and spring
17) Host a shrimp boil
18) Become a coupon clipper
19) Send thank you notes
20) Stay on top of messages (emails, letters, etc.) better
21) Go social media free for a week each month
22) Show and live love more creatively (esp to JT!)
23) Be more sensitive and responsive to others' needs
24) To be written
25) To be written


  1. Laurie - Unless things have changed... I don't think you COULD spend more time with your planner! :-) I understand the quarter-life-crisis! I'm hitting mine as well. We can explore this together. Maybe I should make a list as well....

  2. So many of these goals are ones that I want to work toward as well! Starting with #1 - but that means I'd have to buy more dresses and another of my goals is to be debt free by residency's end :)
    If you need a photographer in Tulsa, Ruth Reese is a great one!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to encourage the completion of this list! I think it's so important to make time for things like that - and I absolutely think even the little things can be done in a way that will glorify God!

  4. Hello wonderful Ragamuffin,

    I'm so happy to celebrate your 25th year as the guy that gets to run along side you during this amazing race of life.

    You're the best thing this side of God's grace and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you this year.



  5. Great list! I think you can accomplish all things. :)

    I fixed your Blueberry salad. GREAT! Thanks for posting.


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