Wednesday, August 18, 2010

welcome to the family

On Saturday, I welcomed new running shoes into the family. I get new running shoes less often than most runners do, but I felt like my Asics had run their course. (ha.) The process of finding new shoes began sometime in May. With all the expenses of moving in May, JT said I could get new shoes in June, and the searching ensued. Finally, it was time to bite the bullet.

It was out with the old, and in with the...NEW?

"Is there even any difference?" some have asked me.

If you are a runner, you know there is. My new Asics Kayanos are perfect for me. After eight pairs I tried on, I really thought I was going to go with some Mizunos, but as much as I tried to be unbiased from my Asics snob ways, my Asics won me over. Again.

Maybe it was their pillowy softness, their stability for my pronating arches, or maybe it was their sleek design that won me over. But I cannot wait to lace up these puppies and blaze a new trail with them!

Interesting fact: when I got home and put my old shoes in the new shoebox -- aka the green pastures of retirement for running shoes -- I noticed the box said size 10. Oh, they must have made a mistake at the store and given me the wrong box, I figured. But the tongue doesn't lie. Maybe that's why my size 9 Asics were giving me conniption fits and exploding toenails toward the end of their life.

New Running Shoes, Tonight is our maiden voyage, and I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. I know a lot of mornings I will fight you, but you have to be strong and get me through this half mary. We can do it together!


  1. love it! :) i'm hopefully getting some new shoes this weekend! i can't wait! :)

  2. i have those exact shoes and i LOVE them!

  3. I used to be an Asics snob. But after a couple years they started to hurt my feet. Now, I wear Adidas.

    The new shoes look great.

    How is the marathon training going? How many miles are you at?

  4. I only buy Asic Keyanos, and they are worth every penny. On my third pair now, and I will never buy anything else. :)


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