Wednesday, February 24, 2010

random thoughts by lb


I am lunching in front of my computer, and my mind is full of thoughts, like...

my perspective on mistakes (I made one today): 1) I would prefer not to make any mistakes at all, but I am human, of course, and 2) for the amount of volume I produce for this company, only a few occasional mistakes is pretty good.

the fantastic flavor profile of this butternut squash couscous I made for dinner a few nights ago and am now eating for lunch: hearty couscous, diced tomatoes, onions, garbanzo beans + semisweet butternut squash + a burst of sweet golden raisins + a slight buzz of cayenne pepper. So delish. It's food like this that makes me not feel sorry for vegetarians! (I will always feel a little sad for vegans, though, because of chocolate and ice cream!) This was one of my first recipes I made when I got married and was happy to come back to it! (adapted from this recipe)

the iPhone dilemma I've been mulling over for months. My dear phone Angus is on his death bed. His screen is shorting out more frequently, and the input for his charger is warped where I pretty much have to hold it in for it to charge. So I'm asking myself a lot: to iPhone? If I know for a fact I can live without it?

marriage: We kicked off SoCo CHICKS this Sunday night with a nice audio sermon on marriage. Lots of interesting thoughts on marriage between man and wife and marriage with Holy Spirit. This is an entire post of its own!

some awesome health food and fitness blogs I've been obsessed with reading lately, which makes me feel slightly guilty I haven't maintained my Project LGN blog and slightly tempted to scrap that blog and come up with something entirely different. Who would have thought that looking at pictures of what people eat and hearing about how many marathons they've run would be so addicting. I am putting some of their healthy habits into practice.

this verse: Matthew 25:29 - "To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away." Heavy heavy stuff. It can apply to talents, money, blessings, energy, health, and so much more.

Because it's always a good reminder, but today maybe more than ever, here are things I am grateful for: 

 great friends and family
healthy friends and family
 rest and fun this weekend
getting a lot done at work lately
a marriage that's better than ever!
a husband with exciting taste buds
working with people that I lovelovelove
my awesome running outfit motivating me to run today:
sunshine motivating me for my first 2010 outside run today!
izze soda

(look, I made a bell!)


  1. Okay. I am struggling with the iphone thing too BECAUSE I have access to a computer like 10 hours a day and so WHY would I need one 24/7? I can't justify it. But, someday when it's a tad bit cheaper, I might be willing to change my mind.

  2. Hi friend! Thanks for the comment and checking in :) It means a bunch! Life is good... full of changes. I guess I better update soon, right? hah! Sorry it's been so long. Promise to do a full post soon with details. In the meantime, I'm still following your blog and Project LGN :) which I hope you don't ditch bc I LOVE it and wish you would update more!

  3. i told corby that in order for me to be motivated to work out i needed a cute new the outfit but i'm still not running! ha.

  4. I think we will be upgrading to iPhones when our current contract is up in September. Ornery has a blackberry, and we have found it to be very useful on many occasions. When we asked at the phone store which phone all those people would get, they ALL said they had both Blackberry iPhones, and only used their iPhones. (I wanted to ask if I could have their blackberry, but refrained...)

    The plan to include an extra data package for me to our current plan would only cost $10.00/mo more than we have been paying, and the extra cost of the phone is not much more than any of the others we looked at.

    Do we NEED them? Probably not. But when has that stopped us from keeping up with technology??

    Fun post, LB--I always enjoy reading what you have to say. :)


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