Thursday, February 18, 2010


 JT made me dinner last night!

Dear Facebook, Yesterday I made the tough decision to give you up for Lent. Each time I was at a computer, my fingers automatically typed "facebo..." with no instruction from my brain. Am I really that addicted to you that typing in your address is so ingrained in my muscle memory that my brain doesn't even have to consciously command my fingers? Between that and your horrendous new home page changes, we're going to have to have a serious evaluation soon. See you in 39 days, LB PS: Is there a way I can still see E. Loerke's daily letters? I will miss those most!

Dear String Cheese, 
Why did I hate you all those years growing up? Now I find you super delicious, low calorie, filling, and you throw in an unexpected bonus: 6 grams of protein in one stick! Congratulations, you've just become my new go-to snack. And I have my BFF to thank for it! I will never doubt you again. Satiated, LB

Dear YouVersion, 
Thank you for helping me read my Bible throughout this Lent season and beyond. All I have to do is log in and you have my daily Bible readings ready for me. If the Bible is my daily bread, then you are Subway: a great customizable vehicle for just the kind of sustenance I need. I can highlight verses I want to save, make my notes, and even keep an online prayer journal through you. was genius for thinking you up. I will recommend you to all of my friends. Inspired to Read, LB

Dear Florastor, 
I just started taking you yesterday as a last resort, and I can already see a major improvement in my symptoms. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, or maybe little warriors are actually attacking the bad guys in my body, but either way, I am grateful for two good days in a row! Happy Customer, LB

To My Handsome Chef, 
Last night we officially joined The Next Grilleration. Your first major meal cooked since we've been married, your lemon pepper tilapia and whole wheat couscous with green onions, celery, and lemon, not only filled my tummy, but it put a smile on my face even while I was cleaning my cake ball mess-infested kitchen. I think your prize should be whipping up our dinner once weekly with the help of George Foreman. What do you think? I vote waffles next week! 'Til Death Do Us Part, LB


  1. 39 days? for real? already having laurie tomlinson withdrawal.

  2. Emily, I am having withdrawals, too! I keep trying to "amend" my Lent, so maybe that means giving it up will be good for me! I will miss your letters most!


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