Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday!


NO WAY am I writing Not Me! Monday! on a Sunday. Nope, no how.  
MckMama, the brains behind this fun little game, would be so disappointed!

I did NOT sneak a peek at Facebook this morning, you know, because some people observe Lent every day except Sunday. NOT me! And I did NOT find that I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would!

When my husband wanted to surprise me with a mystery double date, I did NOT trick him into telling me who it was. NO, the answer I hoped for didn't immediately pop into my head, and I did NOT tell him Lecia had told me so his disbelief would confirm my suspicion. I am NOT that much of a Jezebel trickster!

Speaking of JT, a few weeks ago, he did NOT ask me to make some cookies and granola for a coworker who gave us A LOT of Kosher steaks he raises for Christmas. And when I made the loot, JT did NOT scoop his coworker's prize into a little bag and keep the rest for himself. No, my husband's sweet tooth is NOT that bad!

I did NOT have a false alarm with an iPhone, almost buy one at the store, and then turn around and go home empty-handed. I am much more decisive and don't let little guilt trips, like the fact that its extra fees will cost more than two months' groceries every year, sway my decisions easily.

Last but not least, enough said:


  1. Giving up Facebook for Lent... good idea!

  2. hahahahaha, awwwww..... miss you!! :)


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