Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear Water, Even though I cheat on you fairly often with more tempting mistresses like Izze soda and Henry Weinhard's root beer, it's always you. Somehow I always come back to you. When I take a big gulp, you somehow refresh me from the tip of my ponytail to my toes stuffed in my Merrells. Thank you, and I promise to drink you more often. Quenched, LB

Dear Goal Week, My coworkers and I are so close to hitting you it's not even funny, and while you normally stress us out to no end, we have had a lot of fun by drowning our sorrows in homemade sweet maple cream cheese-glazed cinnies and incorporating fun games like taking a shot of red bull every time someone gets an event in our new St. Patty's Day shot glasses. Never a dull moment, LB

Dear Knee, I know you like it best when a little less of me runs on you, but here's the rub. You see, I have to run on you in order to become a little less of me. Does that make sense? Either way, I'm going to knee-d you to cooperate. Stop catching when I bend you for too long and I will try to take better care of you after I run. Capiche? LB

Dear Snow, Please...Stay...AWAY! You're not a charming novelty anymore! Still Blessed, LB

Dear Creative Bones, Do you still exist? Sometimes it's hard to exercise you when I spend my entire day staring at a screen and abusing the little part of my brain connected to my fingertips. Then when I leave, if I don't exercise my body, my muscles will shrivel up from underuse and I will be left very reminiscent to a jello mold except without the mad flexibility skills. Still working on that balance, LB

Dear JT, I know we said we weren't going to buy each other presents for VDay this year, but you never said I couldn't MAKE anything for you. I think I'll whip up your absolute favorite -- you know, the things that take lots of love, a little bit of elbow grease, and turn into little morsels of chocolatey, cakey goodness? Because I love you that much, LB

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  1. Dear Snow, Please...Stay...AWAY! You're not a charming novelty anymore! Still Blessed, LB

    I agree!


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