Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a day in the life of LB

am0505: Wake up and start press releasing. Don't want to stay late at work on my busy day because I have a grand meal planned for my JT.
am0808: Reluctantly change out of sweats and leave for work
am0815: Traffic jam. I go one mile in 30 minutes.
am0845: Arrive to work. Workworkworkworkworkworkwork!
am1145: Eat Lean Cuisine lunch at my desk. Continue to workworkworkworkworkwork!
pm0200: Receive call from JT; depart to pick up my father-in-law from the ER. He broke his leg and drove himself there but could not drive himself home with a cast.
pm0330: Arrive to in-laws' casa. See father-in-law safely to his bed. Take mother-in-law back to the ER to retrieve her car.
pm0430: Decide it's not worth it to go all the way to my office and then turn around and go home. Run three miles at my parents' house.
pm0545: Arrive at mi casa. Check the mail for my promised brand-new Moleskine planner from half.com. Sad for a few seconds when I realize it's President's Day and no mail. Oh well, back to Workworkworkworkwork.
pm0615: Heart soars when FedEx arrives with my promised Moleskine planner. Heart sinks when it realizes planner is the size of my thumb. Oh well. Back to Workworkworkwork!
pm0645: JT arrives home. I start his requested dinner, one of our all-time favs: cook onion and garlic in EVOO and then add chopped mushrooms and spinach, reduce with white wine, and stir in parm cheese and/or laughing cow at the end. Do all of this to taste and serve with the pasta that's been cooking all along.
pm0700: My plastic green normally reliable cutting board "pops" or inverts as I'm adding the star ingredient, sending mushroom bits flying across my stove and kitchen floor. I'm proud of myself for not cussing at this moment.
pm0715: Eat and TV time with JT.
pm0800: Turn on a Harry Potter movie and back to the computer for workworkworkworkwork. Not even close to being done. My valiant JT takes my car out in the freezing cold, picks up my medicine, and fills up my empty tank (see driving from 2:00-4:30).
pm0815: JT signs on to Google Talk to remind me about his promised Valentine's Day cake balls. (Already a day late, mind you.) I put my cleaning lady named Oven to work on the cake and clean some of my mushroom mess. Then it's back to Workworkworkworkworkwork.
pm1000: More cake ball prep. Cuddle time with JT. Shower off my workout mess!
pm1100: Assemble cake balls and put in the fridge to glaze tomorrow.My valiant JT cleans up mushroom mess.
pm1151: Decide to put off finishing my work until 0505 tomorrow a.m. and blog instead. Trying to remember all of those times I've told myself, "God had you in His hand all along. Why did you waste all of that time on stress?"
Now: In the words of my favorite "Neverending Story" character:

it's seep seep time!


  1. I would drive myself if I had a broken leg too.

  2. Recipe sounds good! Thanks for sharing. Your days are never boring.


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