Friday, February 26, 2010

off I go!

I have left JT with a fridge stocked with pizza and stuffed peppers (his fav) and am hitting the road for the night. Work event in the OKC + a cupdate (cupcake+date) with lovely coworkers + sleepover with my long lost friend Candace + whatever fun Saturday holds

When I go on trips, I like to have a few good CDs to last me. It's a dire, dire situation when I have a song in my head and cannot immediately listen to it. Problem: my CD burner happens to be broken. Plus: JT bought me a new stereo system last Christmas and I can plug in a USB packed with the songs of quite a few CDs. MAJOR PLUS: I just got three new CDs that I absolutely love so far!

Ben Rector
I went to high school with Ben, and now he is all grown up, married, and commanding audiences across the US with his amazing music. I hadn't really kept up with his music career since he was in a local band, but I'm so glad I bought his new CD!

Bon Iver

My friend Kacie is pretty much the hippest girl I know and my go-to girl for staying up on the music of today. She put the song "Skinny Love" in her mix CD she made for me last fall, and I was sold. This artist has a really unique sound. It's catchy...and organic? Is that too snobby of an adjective to use to describe him? Anyway, I like it and I'm excited about singing along and car dancing!


I got this CD sampler and have loved the sound of this. The songs I've heard are so different. Keeps you on your toes. I am used to the unique acoustic Waterdeep sound they pretty much invented, but this is refreshing! These are some creative people!

If I know Candace, I will come back soon with lots and lots of pictures!


  1. Someday when you come to OKC we should have coffee?

    While you were in town, did you go to Cuppies and Joe or SaraSara Cupcakes?

  2. awww i feel so bad! i only took ONE picture!! :( i am SO sorry! i cant wait for our 5k! it will give something to work towards! i'll let you know what i find! it was SO GREAT to see you!! love you!


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