Friday, August 21, 2009

Project LB: Love is...

They say it's a blessing and a curse. They say it delights and devastates. They say it's healing and a disaster. The only thing I know about love is that I should live my life to do it better. And no matter how good I am at doing it, I will never be able to humanly comprehend a fraction of God's love.

But here are some earthly glimpses of this disaster and gift that haunts and lights as a whisper of God's love. And these are just examples I've seen this week!

L O V E i s . . .

admitting you're wrong.

moving when you've found the perfect
spot in bed because you know you're
getting his side of the sheets hot.

leaving him a PB&J in the kitchen
after his guy's night out
because she knew he'd be hungry.

a mother crying at work
because her son's t-ball coach
started practice without telling them.

spending hours and hours on outdoor
projects on behalf of wife and home.

helping wife's brother move.

Going to pick up a sick son from college
to feed him soup and let him sleep in
a warm bed

cleaning up vomit...
that does not belong to you

Donating hair to locks of love

giving (a lot) of money
and putting faith in a new church

So what's brought on all this talk of love? I have been challenged this month. Months ago, I saw a story on The Today Show about a young couple who had been in a plane crash. Both suffered serious injuries, but the wife was severely burned over 80% of her body. Looking back at her blog has been like reading the ultimate love story, except 1) it's true, and 2) their love couldn't be touched by the most talented Hollywood screenwriter because their love has been given to God and blessed by Him.

Stories from before their crash like her husband coming up from behind her to stop her dish washing so they could dance in the kitchen to their song, "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" with their children watching, and asking her while she's up to her elbows in sick kids and dirty diapers the top three things he can do for her, and singing the same song by her bedside faithfully when she's in a coma and covered in burns and bandages. And the latest was the look in each other's eyes in the first picture she's revealed of herself since her accident that happened a year ago this weekend. The fact that not even near-death experiences and complete physical transformations can touch their love.

So the first measure I will write about in Project LB is Project Love Better. Right now, I love when it's convenient for me. I love when I won't get hurt. I love if it's fair. I love if I get something in return. I love when I'm thinking about it. I love when it will make me feel good.

I need to Love Better. I need to live a life of prayer and enrich myself in the Word so that love is almost a natural reaction for me. I need to love Grumpy, Rude, Selfish, BadDriver, and my very very favorite, Demanding in addition to Nice, Generous, ComplimentGiver. I need to love without abandon. I need love to ruin me, starting with my handsome husband and extending to the people I work with, the lady on her cell phone in the 4-Runner who cuts me off in traffic, and that guy who says exactly what he's thinking whether it's rude or false or uncalled for.
So starting today, I will embark on Project Love Better, among other things. Say no to jealousy, bitterness, and self, and yes to Christ's call to love!


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