Thursday, August 27, 2009


What would I do without this wonderful man? I am so thankful for him today. We spent a wonderful evening worshiping together with Hillsong United last night at their concert. It was a rejuvenating experience that changed my life. They did my favorite song of all time, "With Everything," and it was even more powerful worshiping to it in person.

While working on Love Better, love has been everywhere. Hillsong lyrics have great insights on Savior-Love. I am also reading The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, and who puts it better than him?

Our pastor is even conducting a sermon series on BEING the Church, and all I can think about is pouring God's love to others. I told him that I've been recognizing how unloving I can be to people: snobby, jealous, petty, manipulative -- the works. He agreed that perhaps the first step to Love Better is to recognize where I fall short. This Sunday is a Be the Church Sunday. We do them every month that has a fifth Sunday, on the fifth Sunday of the month. We cancel church service and go out into the community. I'm excited about it and can't think of a better way to celebrate the day before my birthday!

But I have enjoyed loving on my husband this week and lavishing in his love for me. I made him this beautiful cake he'd been craving and deemed it Love Lemon Cake to go with the theme, complete with lovely lemon icing from scratch.

Even though I used the wrong recipe for the cake, it turned out so well and it hit the spot for him. My mom even got to have some after our sushi class on Tuesday. Yes, we learned how to make sushi from a Japanese restaurant owner. (And by Japanese restaurant owner, I mean the owner was Japanese; not sure about the restaurant.) (PS: Still trying to get my mom to say Asian instead of Chinese or Oriental.)

I am bribing my fellow employees with GOAL Pancakes. If they hit goal today, I will bring my favorite 10-grain mix I still need to mail Miss Jessica and the shake and pour variety from Bisquick, which tastes so lovely, along with some fresh butter, blueberries, bananas, and honey and syrup. The cheap and yummy and morale-boosting way to make the last day before weekend more bearable! (And I will probably bring them anyway, even if they don't hit goal until tomorrow.)

Que tengan un buen dia!


  1. There should be a "like" button for this post! lol.

    I think it's amazing what your church is doing. I really believe in churches connecting God's love for us and ours for Him with acting out that love. So excited to hear more :) Glad you are well, friend.

    PS Hillsong is coming here this weekend!

  2. LOVED LOVED LOVED HILLSONG!!! I was SO bummed we had to leave early :(

    Did you get my text about that book I think you should read?...sounds to me like it's in line with a lot of the things you are focusing on in your life right now :)

    Love ya & see you tomorrow!!


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