Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday Returns

Welcome (back) to Not Me! Monday, the blog carnival created by MckMama. It's time for me to share what has NOT been happening this week.

I did NOT sweep and vacuum the floor a combination of five times and still not have the power to get all of the mess off of our floors. I'm perfectly adept with the broom, and get it right the first try. My husband who has worked hours on our yard would NEVER have to pick up after his wife's "cleaning" jobs.

After writing a post (below) about loving people better, I would NOT immediately sneer at a man who almost ran me over in the parking lot and then roll my eyes at a group of ladies who stopped to chat whilst I was holding the 'vator for them. NO, almost immediately, I was a model of patience and virtue in my Project Love Better endeavors, especially pertaining to my husband.

And while embarking on Project Lean Bottom (coming to a post near you), I did NOT make the perfect batch of low-fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, better than they've ever turned out so far, and so good that they have NOT ruined us and our cookie expectations FOREVER. (EDIT: Recipe can be found at Undomestic Kitchen!)

If I made cookies in a weekend, I'd NEVER make a lemon cake the next night, even if my husband was craving it. I would NEVER take a picture of said cake, in good humor, compose a new blog post titled "My husband eats like a pregnant woman," and then delete it because I was ashamed. NOT me!

Well that's what I HAVEN'T been up to lately. What about you?

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