Saturday, August 29, 2009


In my year and over four months of marriage now, I have learned that when it rains it pours. Actually, I learned that a long time ago in high school and college when exams, basketball games, and friendly duties all decided to coincide. And I have nothing to complain about, because I am not moving this weekend like Andrea Cherie. But this week was Goal Week at work, which means we are scrounging to get 30 events before the end of the week, and things can be stressful, hectic, and frustrating.

I usually try to do something nice for the employees, so I decided on Thursday afternoon that an impromptu Goal Pancake Party was in order. Coincidentally, I needed to pick up dry cleaning, clean out my car, put gas in my empty car, mail 293298 thank you notes, bake JT the choc chip cookies that have ruined us because he promised his coworkers some, and put up mountains and mountains of clothes from laundry and workout bags. Then, as I was on my way home from mailing my thank you notes, JT texted me and where was I? he wanted to take me on a surprise date.

Friends, when a man announces a surprise date, you drop everything you are doing to celebrate this monumental occasion. He took me to Carrabba's and pampered me. It was amazing. And somehow I got everything done anyway. When we got home, I got cookies in the oven, put up clothes whilst watching the first Harry Potter, cleaned out my car on my way home (while at stoplights, thank you very much), and filled up my tank and went to the store in the morning for pancake mix, butter, syrup, blueberries, chocolate chips and other things for the Goal Pancake Party.

Oh was it yummy! Today my eyelids are dragging. I signed myself up for a 945 Pilates class and sucked wind. It was bad. I didn't know whether to faint or throw up, so at one point, I ran to the bathroom and sat down on the floor in the dark, afraid I was going to see my pancakes again. Luckily, after a minute, the feeling subsided, and I was a-okay. I finished "strong."

My JT and I are about go help Andrea and Jason. I had every intention of bringing a plate of housewarming cookies, but I will just have to bring them with a meal later this week. My oven was all pre-heated when I discovered I'd run out of flour. I got some and some fresh watermelon to bring them today. We also might make an appearance at a concert my co-workers have been working hard on tonight. We shall see!

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  1. You should definitely think of submitting some of these awesome stories or fun tips to some magazines. I'm sure you'd get published. You're so fun to read.


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