Monday, April 20, 2009

one year ago...

getting ready with my roomie

soccer and tuxedos, JT style

my daddy and me! it's almost time!

walking down the aisle

reason why we hired our photog!

he may now kiss the bride

our amazing reception venue, philbrook museum

the cake

dancing away

so fun!

<3 where does time go?


  1. Beautiful, love! Time goes by so fast!!

  2. Your wedding is one of the prettiest I have ever seen (picture wise). The church is SO pretty. I want to get married in that church!!!

  3. Oh wow. The church! The cake! The dress! The reception! Everything about these photos is gorgeous!

  4. wow BEAUTIFUL!! i cant believe its been a YEAR!

  5. one year... a drop in the bucket to a lifetime filled to the brim with love and wondrous memories. wishing you a happy anniversary and many more to come!


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