Monday, April 6, 2009

a desperate plea

Dear Truffle Shuffle and Passport,

If you come back to me, I promise to get my life right and never lose you again!

Truffle Shuffle, it's almost Spring and time to take you running lots. I think you fell under the seat in my car, but when I went to check it was too cold and dark to find you. Tomorrow I will clean out my car and look harder when it's light and warm.

Passport, I promise to FINALLY get you renewed with my married name when you come back to me. JT will be very unhappy with me if he has to remind me again. I put you with all of the other documents we needed to get renewed in the middle of my workout book. How did you separate yourself from the pack?

Please come home?



Currently Listening to: NOT my Truffle Shuffle :(
Currently Watching: Chuck
Currently Reading: just finished Harry Potter 7. who knows what's next?
Currently Cooking: nothing. we ate a Papa Murphy's pizza tonight.

EDIT:: Truffle Shuffle has come home! He was hiding in the deepest floorboard of my car. Think underneath the carpet mat, underneath the mud mat, and underneath the bottom-most layer of carpet. Hopefully the Passport won't be as stubborn, though I'm exhausting its best hiding places!

EDIT 2:: Okay, I knew if I asked nicely, they'd come back. I found my Passport in my office travel briefcase I use maybe twice a year. Not sure how it got in there, but I am glad I had the random inclination to check. That "random inclination" is the Lord, I just knew it! Now that my two lost artifacts have been recovered, I am still going to do some major reorganization this week!


  1. I just got my married passport done thing: change my SS card...It's only been 2 1/2 years ago we got married. oops.

  2. I think I am just going to have to get a new one instead of renewing mine. Hopefully I can do it without my old one. It will save me a lot of stress.

  3. Edit 2 - You are SO right! It's amazing the things He shows us when we stop to ask, and then listen! Glad your items are now un-lost!

  4. Dear Laurie's Things,

    Behave yourselves. Stay where she puts you, even if its stupid or done carelessly.

    Or else,

    bad things will come to you,

    BY ME,

    L to the J


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