Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What are you working for?

If you've read my blog, hopefully you know by now that I'm a Christian. My fanny has been planted in a pew most Sundays yet this past Sunday's worship experience resonated with me in a way not many messages have.

The question: what are you working for? What drives you to work from nine to five, exercise, spend hours cleaning, practice your instrument for hours, or whatever occupies your time and burns your energy between sleeps?

God didn't rest on the seventh day because He was weary from six days of toil; He rested because He was pleased with what He had done. Can I say that drives my work? Unfortunately, no.

This message came to me just a few days after a discouraging talk at work that was the pinnacle of stress and frustration. Let's just say that right now, I feel like I'm back in fourth grade doing the presidential physical fitness test and flailing to keep my head above the bar. The bar is constantly being raised and every day has been a struggle to keep up. But the stress is taking a toll on my poor house, my body, my morale, and the white hairs that keep sprouting on my head.

On weekends, I'm definitely resting because I'm tired and sometimes feel defeated, like I cannot win, at my job, not because I deserve it, am afforded it, or am taking a break to reflect on the good things that I have accomplished that week.

Luckily this week has been phenomenally better. I am getting a handle on my new increased workload (knock on wood), even if it means working from home a little more. While I still wish we spent two days working for a five day weekend and not the other way around, I'm finding rest in the evidence of God all around me.I am focusing on the good and finding hope in what's to come.

And I'm really excited about something He's blessed us with that I can't quite mention yet

Let Hope Rise!


  1. I found your blog thru CK's and I just have to say, I love reading it and I especially loved the meaning of today's post. Thanks!


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