Friday, March 19, 2010

things you MUST know, right now!

  1. My stud of a husband scored not one, but count 'em, TWO goals in his soccer game last night. I'm convinced it was the steak dinner we made that did it for him. It doesn't take a huge event for a steak dinner at Casa Tomlinson; they happen not often but randomly because we always have something to celebrate! Here's wishful thinking that a little love and a lot of extra protein helped fuel his kicking cleat!
  2. Somehow last evening, we worked a full day, sat through inspections at new house, cleaned and showed our current house (cannot call it old house yet because of a psychological block), cooked dinner together, and walked the 3/4 mile to Braum's for soft serve in the sunset -- in shorts and flipflops, praise the Lord -- all before 8:00 p.m. And JT even added an indoor soccer game to the mix! Is this what it's like to keep a house clean for more than a week? A magic concoction that enables us to eat our food before 8:00!?
  3. Is your bracket destroyed? Mine sure is! Especially since my Longhorns lost by one in overtime. So disappointing. I maintain that Rick Barnes should have put in Dexter Pittman, aka Sexy Dexy because he is a BIG boy. In my angst, I texted my dad and brothers, "Should have put in Sexy Dexy. Go big or go home, Barnes!"
  4. This morning, I am wearing a marigold John Brown University t-shirt in honor of my BFF Lindsey J (aka Lelj, Leljie, LelJay, etc.) I am so proud of her because she is WEEKS away from graduating with her master's degree in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy! With it, I am wearing flip flops and my signature hairstyle I use when I go to sleep clean but wake up in a feverishly furious sweat and don't have time for more than a sponge bath of sorts. Does anyone else have a hairstyle like this?
  5. I just received a press release (NOT written by me) that had "Tednesday" written in the dateline. For some reason, this tickled me beyond belief and I am still experiencing random outbursts of laughter that I cannot control. 
  6. You have to see this picture I hijacked from my friend, Sarah. Her sweet baby boy, Oliver, had the song, "Son of a Preacher Man" stuck in my head all morning. He is so precious! In her post that went with this picture, she said that preaching time ended when he tried to rip out the book of Genesis. What a boy!

    Happy Friday!!


    1. Oliver feels honored to be on your blog! I looked at your cute!

    2. Ooooo I want to see your house?! Pictures??


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