Wednesday, March 17, 2010

highlights from today

At my office, we go big or go home with our celebrations. Even though there are only seven of us in our particular office, birthdays, holidays, work anniversaries, and even work-related goals are cause for celebrations. Balloons, plates, food, etc. And I think it's made us into a great team. St. Patrick's Day is one of my coworker's favorite days of the year. It's a few days after his birthday, and he celebrates it not because of the tradition, but because he can find anything and everything in his signature favorite color, green. We knew we had to go big since this day is so important to one of our own.

Highlights from today:
  • Take one look at this green spread: yoda soda (sprite + lime sherbet), Irish soda bread, green cookies, green cupcakes, green dip.
  • Random bursts of Irish accents with co-workers, especially when someone discovered her top two authors had distinctly Irish names. Our favorite things to say were "Kilearney" and "Good marnin'"
  • Getting my work computer and Outlook cleaned up spic and span. I think I went from 500 emails to less than 30 saved ones.
  • Getting caught up on my "hopper" of work -- one of them, anyway!
  • An unexpected 15 minute power nap     
  • Finding out that three of my good friends from college are expecting little ones this fall! (They seem to come in spurts, no?)
  • An amazingly challenging Pilates class. I was sandwiched between two instructors, but I didn't feel nervous at all, even when my muscles shook. I needed this intense resistance strength workout. (See food above.)
  • Getting to sit and relax with my husband after a long day. I sure do like doing that. 


  1. Luked likea gud mornin to ya. Hoop tomorras joost as good!

  2. I know, Mustang is a boring town. I know, because that's where I'm from! Hometown,USA=Mustang. Although, there is a cute tea house that's semi-new. They have good soups/sandwiches/salads.

    I love a good workout. I start my personal training session next week. I'm so excited! I want to work out so hard it hurts!


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